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Top WordPress Plugins

Top WordPress Plugins Reviewed

Self-hosted WordPress sites are versatile platforms for building a business. The secret to WordPress' flexibility and functionality lies in customizable plugins that allow users to handle multiple tasks with minimum ...
The importance of responsive web design

The importance of responsive web design

If you are a business owner looking to grow your business online, here are three important facts: Today more people are accessing the web on mobile devices more than they ...
What is a payment gateway?

What is a Payment Gateway?

A payment gateway facilitates online credit card payment processing on your website. The software and servers transmit and authorize key information of real time transactions to the corresponding banks, usually ...
What are iframes?

What are Iframes?

An iframe or inline frame is essentially a browser window set within the web page. These frames are sections of the web page that can be ‘cut out’ to allow ...

Corporate Website Evolution

When we look back over the last 10 years, it is amazing how corporate websites have evolved over time. From the early days of "brochure-ware" websites...
Cross Browser Compatibility Issues

Cross Browser Compatibility Issues

When one mentions browsers, most instinctively think of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Few realize that besides these, there are...
css typography

CSS Typography

Not often are CSS and typography used in the same sentence and in many ways, this is right too. Typography is a form of design with variations and cho...

How to Fix 404 Errors?

It's rare to find a website to be completely free of errors. This is usually because most website owners are either unaware of the errors on their web...
custom web fonts

Custom Web Fonts

What are web fonts? When designing for offline media like brochures, billboards, press advertisements, etc., a designer can choose from a wide variet...
Customer Centric Web Design

Customer Centric Web Design

Everyone has their own idea about what a good website design is. Since design and aesthetics are so subjective, there is no right or wrong about good ...
Flash and SEO

Flash and SEO

What is Flash? Flash is a software that lets you create animation and movies. Because the file size of animations and movies created using Flash is s...
Google Panda Explained

Google Panda Explained

With the flooding of information on the internet, separating high quality content from rehashed, duplicate and near duplicate content has become incre...
How to make a website

How to Make a Website?

The process you need to build your own website A website is not just about looks or content. It's much more than that. When you set out to make your ...
How to Use Iframes

How to Use Iframes

Remember the websites where the main navigation did not scroll with the rest of the page? Yes, that age old system of using frames to lock one part of...
HTML5 is Ready

HTML5 is Ready

The debate about HTML5 has been raging and will continue to for a while yet. Whether HTML5 is useful or not, whether it will ever be the future that ...
Importance of Robots.txt

Importance of Robots.txt

Few webmasters and fewer website owners realize that their website is incomplete without a good robots.txt file. It is a little known and often ignore...
What is Minification?

What is Minification?

Minification of source code is the process of reducing the size of a file such as an HTML file, a cascading style sheet or JavaScript by removing thin...

Mobile Ecommerce

In an age of convergence, where a person accesses the internet is no longer limited. Customers are no longer satisfied with using a computer for purch...

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