Secure Online Forms

Secure Online Forms

secure-online-forms-300x231 Secure Online FormsHaving an online form on your site can be extremely beneficial:

  1. The form never sleeps even when you do.
  2. It collects the exact information that is needed.
  3. Information that is collected can be sent to you real time via email or stored in a database for later use.
  4. It saves you time as you do not have to be on the phone with a customer or web visitor and write down the information.
  5. It can be versatile and take payments, surveys, allow sign-ups for newsletters or perform other functions.

But what happens if robots and spammers also have access to those online forms?
You will not be able to trust the information that you receive then, and instead of it being a time saver it might end up wasting a lot of your time as you would have to filter through and sort all of the real information from spam.

Flying Cow Design can use any of the techniques below to secure your online forms and make sure spam bots don’t take them over and abuse them:

  1. Look at the IP address on the form data to make sure it is coming from countries and locations you want.
  2. Use a question easily understood by a human but not a spam bot.
  3. Use a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart).
  4. Use website session tokens that are needed by the form.
  5. Use fields that can only be seen by spam bots and ignore the form data if they are filled in.
  6. Use third party tools and services to filter the data and remove spam from form submissions.

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