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Website Security Services

website-security-services Website Security ServicesYour company’s website needs protection just the same as your home PC does. Websites are targeted by hackers, identity thieves and viruses every day. This has made it necessary for businesses to invest in website security. Website protection teams around the world find and prevent thousands of dangerous attacks on web servers. If you do not have comprehensive security for your web servers, you are already running a security risk.

It is too late to invest in website security after someone infects your website with a virus or hacks it. By then, they most likely have found your personal login information to the server you use. If your site is hosted, it is still possible for someone to hack into your website. Hackers may have been able to log into your FTP program and fiddle around with your web coding.

Flying Cow Design provides end-to-end security for your website and web applications regardless of the size of your website or the nature of your hosting. Read on to know more about our security solutions.



What happens when your website is hacked?

It is nearly impossible to prevent a hacker from hacking into your website with just an antivirus software. Imagine planning a special promotion for a new product, and on the day of the launch, your website gets hacked. There is nothing worse than discovering when people log on your site they are greeted with an annoying error message. When your website suffers from hacker’s attacks, you are risking being quarantined by Google and other major search engines. Your site will no longer rank in search engines; customers will no longer be able to find it. Customers affected by your hacked website will no longer feel safe on your site. It is important to take precautions before you become a target.

Viruses & Malware

Did you know your website could be infected?

Virus removal does not just apply to your personal computer; you also must protect your website from harmful viruses and malware. When your site becomes infected with a virus, it can infect the computers of the visitors to your website. When malware is injected into your content, it can be a serious security breach for your website visitors. Web browsers and search engines try to safeguard people by either displaying an error message of a virus alert when they try to access an infected site. The amount of damage such a message can do to your business image can be significantly costlier than a little investment in ensuring your site is secure from all kinds of malicious activity.

Web Protection

Comprehensive web protection is more than security from hackers and viruses

If you are an ecommerce site, imagine the damage the theft of your customer’s credit card details and personal information can cause to your business. If you run web applications that are essentials to your products and services, imagine the loss that can be caused by mission-critical applications going down. If your website goes down as a result of a denial of service attack, what would it cost you regarding business? If you use single sign-on that allows your website visitors to sign into your site using their social media logins, the risk to your website security grows. What would it cost you if hackers, bots and other malicious entities keep visiting your servers causing a traffic overload to an extent where legitimate visitors cannot access your site anymore? Whether it is secure browsing through HTTPS protocol, regular backups, protection against attacks, email encryption or protection of a web service, web security from Flying Cow Design covers it all.

Web security services from Flying Cow Design

security-solutions Website Security Services

Range of security solutions

  • Secure web hosting services
  • Wide range of SSL certificates
  • Backup and restore solutions
  • Email encryption solutions
  • Protection against DDOS and other cyber threats
  • Protection against hacking, viruses, spyware, and malware
  • Website vulnerability patching
  • Firewall integration
  • Secure online forms
  • Website security scanning

flexible-options Website Security Services

Flexible options

  • Ideal for both small business and enterprise websites
  • Completely flexible and customizable to your business needs
  • End-to-end cybersecurity solutions
  • Industry standard encryption
  • Complete protection for your web services with our application-level security solutions
  • Various levels of access control and user authentication

security-services-benefits Website Security Services

Other benefits of our security services

  • Achieve legal and statutory compliance
  • Maximize productivity by protecting your employees
  • Easy to deploy and customize
  • Comprehensive customer support

web-presence-management-services Website Security Services

Our web presence management services

  • Domain registration and management
  • An array of web hosting solutions
  • Web design and maintenance services
  • Internet marketing services
  • Branding and graphic design services

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