Blog Design and Development

Blog Design and Development

What You Need to Know Before Starting a Blog

blog-design-and-development-278x300 Blog Design and DevelopmentThe internet is filled with millions of blogs. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, it is important to create a blog for your target audience that stands out from all the rest. Before starting a blog, take a brief moment and search online to compare a few blogs. You’re going to pay special attention to design and the type of content they provide to their readers. You will quickly discover there are a few good blogs and there are many poorly designed blogs out there. You will want to focus more on the successful blogs to get ideas for your blog site.

What does a successful blog design contain?

A well-designed blog will show your visitors that your blog is credible. A successful blog design will include a combination of unique images (not copied images from other sites) and well written text that engages readers. More advanced blogs will include unique images, quality text, audio, video and other forms of media. Web users are usually more attracted to blogs that are visually appealing and offer something of value.

Custom Designed Blog vs. Free Blog Site

There are a variety of options available for bloggers these days. You can even start a blog without spending a dime. All it takes is a few minutes. You register for the free blog site, throw up a free blog; include text and images and you’re in business (but not for too long).

Many people have used the free blog route in the past and were greatly disappointed with the end result. Sure, you can set up a blog for free but what’s the point of having a blog if it looks unprofessional. It may cost you next to nothing to get your blog launched, but thousands of other blog owners will have your exact blog design. What would life be like if every car dealership had the same make, model and color cars? It would be extremely dull to drive around in the same vehicle as everyone else. So, why would anyone consider having a free blog site that is an exact replica of thousands of other blog sites?

People opt for a free-based blog site because they assume they can save money. You’re not really saving money, you’re actually losing money. Remember, the only way your blog will stand out from your competition is if you have a unique blog design. People gravitate to a well-designed blogs and they avoid cheap looking blog sites like the plague.

How to get a professional looking blog design?

A professional Web Design Company can design a custom blog template and develop an interactive blog that you can be proud of. One professional web design company, Flying Cow Design, not only provides custom blog design services, they also provide hosting services.

Web hosting and domain registration for your blog is an important aspect of blog design you will need to consider. The most successful blogs are the ones that have a custom domain name and reliable hosting.

A blog domain that reads: is a lot more professional than a free-based domain name:

Why do you need paid blog hosting?

You will need reliable hosting to ensure that your blog is available to your readers 24/7 without interruption. You can only experience uninterrupted hosting service with paid hosting. With free blog hosting, there is really no guarantee that your blog site will be online the next day. Free-based blog sites may be fine for building cute personal blogs to share with family and friends but it’s not meant for serious entrepreneurs and business owners.

Having a successful blog is not rocket science. All you need is a professional web design company to create a custom blog design, interesting content, reliable hosting and an effective blog promotion campaign.

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