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Social Media Integration Services

social-media-integration-services-300x200 Social Media Integration ServicesLook around you, how many people are holding a smartphone or tablet in their hands. The majority of those people are on some social media platform, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Social Media is one of the fastest growing marketing tools most companies are using to get their business in more potential customers hands.

As a business owner, the best kind of advertisement you can get is by word-of-mouth publicity. The visitors to your website need a way to promote your site on their favorite social network when they like something. Website social media integration makes this possible and maximizes the word-of-mouth marketing potential of your site.

What is social media

social-media-integration Social Media Integration ServicesSocial media integration allows a visitor to like your site and share that content from that website on their social media profiles without leaving the site. The two most common ways of integrating social media on your site are:

  1. Allowing visitors to follow or like your company’s pages on social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc., to increase your followers.
  2. Allowing visitors to share the content from your website on their own social media profiles.

Social media integration should be an integral part of your social media marketing and overall online marketing strategy. In an increasingly social world, you cannot afford to not think about social media management. Not only do likes and social shares increase the visibility of your brand, but it also results in a growth of incoming links to your website, which helps your SEO. Finally, social media can be a powerful customer service channel. You can engage and communicate with your target audience on various social networks, addressing their issues and turning them into your brand evangelists.

Most popular social media

social-media-sites Social Media Integration ServicesBusiness owners and marketers are always looking to extend their visibility footprint. While it is important to grow your social media presence, B2C and e-commerce social media strategies can vary considerably.

Arriving at the ideal mix of social media channels should be based on an analysis of your market, what channels your target users use most, where your message would most resonate, a study of your social media analytics and the social media efforts of your competitors.

Broadly, the most popular social media channels include:

  • For B2B marketers: LinkedIn and Twitter
  • For B2C and e-commerce marketers: Facebook
  • If you have a lot of visual content: Instagram and Pinterest
  • If you have videos: YouTube

Grow your brand awareness by investing in developing a social media marketing strategy that works best for your business.

Social media integration

social-integration Social Media Integration ServicesSocial Media Login. With a click of the button, customers are now linked to your marketing page through their social media page. This social media integration makes registration or authentication easier and faster for your customers. This keeps customers from having to create another account and remember the password.

Share and Follow Button. By adding a share button to your page, you can increase the social visibility of your business through all customers who can share your website page. The follow button allows current or potential customers the ability to easily follow your page and get instant updates on new posts or videos.

Social Video. For some businesses, this is a missed opportunity. Sharing videos on your social media accounts gets your product and services out to customers quicker.

Instagram Photos. Using Instagram to show photos of your products and business increases your followers on this social media network. You can embed the Instagram code into your website for customers to easy follow.

Recognition. The social media market size has grown dramatically over the past decade. Almost everyone has a Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter account. A winning social media strategy can increase your business visibility and brand recognition.

Integrating social media platforms with your website ensures your business is getting noticed. One social media user likes your business page, or a post and their friends will see it, like it, and possibly share it. The trend keeps going and going, and your business starts getting more traffic from social media.

Social media marketing is more than just adding a link to your website. Flying Cow Design uses proven social media integration technologies to ensure your customers stay on your site longer and engage with your brand.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach more customers. Social media integration will boost your target audience and reach more customers.

Contact Flying Cow Design for social media integration and enhance your social presence!

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