Custom Database Design

Custom Database Design

custom-database-design-300x229 Custom Database DesignMultiple employees scattered across multiple different locations and time zones?

Having trouble accessing information from work, home or on the road?

Locked out of your data when you are locked out of your office?

What you need is a custom database solution that is secure, easy to use, and centralized.

Flying Cow Design builds custom database solutions that:

  • Allows information to be seen but only by those who have permission.
  • Allows Different user IDs and Logins.
  • Are user friendly.
  • Has access to information 24/7.
  • Has database reporting capabilities.
  • Has database searching

We can build a business database for you to meet any complex business requirements.
We’ve built hundreds of customer database solutions covering in many industries including schools, manufacturing industries, will fans, restaurants, aerospace and defense.

Process We Follow:

  1. Initial consultation to discuss what your business needs are and the best way to address them.
  2. Create database design templates that contain relationships, entities and capabilities and fulfill your data acquisition and storage requirements.
  3. Discuss reporting requirements.
  4. Discusse security requirements.
  5. Carry out relational design and create a relational model and normalize it.
  6. Select the correct date and type for all the data stored in the custom database model.
  7. Analyze data volumes for each relational table and create necessary indexes for optimal performance.
  8. Create any restrictions or constraints on the data to ensure validity when creating new data.
  9. Create documentation to support ongoing changes and modifications.

Database Performance Tuning

Flying Cow Design also provides performance tuning services to ensure your database runs at its peak performance and reliability. Some of our service features include:

  • Bench marking before and after performance metrics.
  • Reviewing indexing of each database table.
  • Reviewing your 5 most costly SQL statements.
  • Reviewing indexing on your 5 largest database tables.
  • Flat fee of $750 for a single database on a single server.

Call Flying Cow Design to discuss your custom database design needs!

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