Custom Database Design Services from Flying Cow Design

Custom Database Design Services

custom-database-design-300x229 Custom Database Design ServicesWhen your office is on the go, with employees based in a different cities or time zones, you need a custom database. Flying Cow Design provides a custom built database that is secure, easy-to-use, flexible and centralized.

We can build a business database to meet any complex business requirements. We have created hundreds of custom database solutions covering many industries including schools, manufacturing, restaurants, aerospace, and defense.

Read on to find out how our databases can make a real difference to how you manage your business online.


Our custom-built databases provide the following

  • Allows 24/7 access to information only by those who have permission.
  • Allows different user IDs and logins.
  • User-friendly.
  • Database reporting capabilities.
  • Database searching.

Flying Cow Design’s SQL database developers provide several services using their database skills, web development expertise, and database work. Our services include:

  • Design and development of custom database applications to your business requirements and specifications
  • Creation, modification, and maintenance of your databases
  • Custom data migration and integration with both proprietary and off-the-shelf software
  • Data warehouse extraction, transformation and loading (ETL)
  • Cleaning and filtering of data
  • Extensive reporting
  • Data analysis and mining services

Our custom database development process

  1. Initial consultation to discuss your business needs and the best way to address them.
  2. Build vs. buy analysis to determine the most cost-effective database solution for your business.
  3. Create database design templates that contain relationships, entities, and capabilities and fulfill your data acquisition and storage requirements.
  4. Discuss reporting requirements.
  5. Discuss security requirements.
  6. Carry out relational database design and create a relational model and normalize it.
  7. Select the correct date and type for all the data stored in the custom database model.
  8. Analyze data volumes for each relational table and create necessary indexes for optimal performance.
  9. Quarantine any negative data.
  10. Create any restrictions or constraints on the data to ensure validity when creating new data.
  11. Create documentation to support ongoing changes and modifications.
  12. Create access for only users you choose.

Why custom database design?

Having a well-designed database saves your company a lot of time and money. Database design is a significant factor in your business running smoothly. The design is the foundation for your company; checking for errors and correcting mistakes, improving workers productivity, improving sales and allows for maintenance. Flying Cow Design’s database developers take pride in creating high-performing, reliable database designs with robust features.

  • Relational Design. For our relational design, we use a process called normalization. Normalization prevents a poor database by making sure data is accessible, removing duplicate or conflicting data, and increase performance.
  • Data Typing. Your choice of data typing improves the efficiency and integrity of your database design.
  • Our development team will ensure your website is indexed to ensure performance is not interrupted.
  • Validity is essential for accurate data. Constraints impose validity using Primary key, Alternate key, Foreign key, referential integrity, and default values.
  • SQL Programming. Database security relies on SQL programming and a strong SQL server.
  • Stored Procedures. By using stored procedures, you will have complete control of how users interact with your database and prevent SQL injection or a hack into your database.


After we have completed the custom database design and you approve of all the settings, you can now interact with your database. You will be able to

  • Assign users permissions
  • Search your database
  • Add new information
  • Edit, delete and archive old information
  • Gain access from anywhere

Database Performance Tuning

Flying Cow Design also provides performance tuning services to ensure your database runs at its peak performance and reliability. Some of our service features include:

  • Benchmarking before and after performance metrics.
  • Reviewing indexing of each database table.
  • Reviewing your five most costly SQL statements.
  • Reviewing indexing on your five largest database tables.
  • A flat fee of $750 for a single database on a single server.

Why Flying Cow Design

design-background Custom Database Design Services

A strong design background

Flying Cow Design has a strong background and history providing a range of graphic design services from logo design to complete brand identity and brand building development. This experience means we understand the business needs of our clients and align our efforts towards positive results for your business.

web-design-track-record Custom Database Design Services

Proven track record in web design

We started as a web design firm over two decades ago. Today, we offer a range of website design services for a wide range of SMB and enterprise clients from CMS based custom website design to web application and custom software development. We understand the dynamic needs of businesses and their evolving database programs.

web-presence Custom Database Design Services

End-to-end web presence management

We have dedicated teams that manage all aspects of our clients’ web presence requirements including:

  • Domain registration, hosting and management
  • Web design, development, maintenance and security
  • Online marketing including PPC, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and more

customer-centric-service Custom Database Design Services

We take pride in our customer service

We always put our customers first and take pride in our customer-centric approach and customer service standards. This also translates into a sensitivity towards your customers’ needs and expectations from your business. We understand that there’s no second chance to make a first impression and are committed to delivering solutions that delight your customers.

If you want your company’s information accessible from anywhere and any device and want to have full control of your business, call Flying Cow Design to discuss your custom database design needs!

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