Mobile web site design Services

Mobile Website Design Services

Over 60% of internet users today access the web on a mobile device or tablet. Mobile internet has just about taken over desktop internet usage. The fact is that more and more people are using their iPhone, iPad, Android and tablets to access the web, no matter the screen size. You can no longer afford not to think of the needs of mobile users during the web design process. Even search engines are penalizing desktop only websites. So, whether you are looking for your first website or need to make your existing website mobile-ready, here are reasons why Flying Cow Design is the best choice.

mobile-web-design-services Mobile Website Design Services

Mobile web design features from Flying Cow Design

  1. All websites designed by us are secure (HTTPS) and incorporate responsive design best practices making them mobile friendly.
  2. Speed is critical to attract and retain impatient mobile visitors. Our websites load quickly and score high on page speed indexes.
  3. Mobile usability testing and user experience optimization is an integral part of our web design process.
  4. Use of seamless device detection allows websites we design to detect the user device, browser, resolution, , and render content accordingly.
  5. Mobile navigation best practices with large buttons for each touch-screen navigation with horizontal or vertical scrolling.
  6. Search and user-friendly site architecture that ensures that content is accessible with minimal clicks.
  7. Smartphone friendly layout and design that balances simplicity, functionality, and efficiency across devices.
  8. Our mobile websites are equipped to adopt emerging mobile technologies like Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Applications (PWA).
  9. We incorporate search engine optimization (SEO) best practices in our web design process delivering search engine friendly websites every time.
  10. Our web designers have experience in developing websites to best suit your target user’s needs — responsive, adaptive, m-dot, or mobile app.
  11. As a full-service web presence management company, we can take care of all your web presence needs including domain registration, hosting, development, mobile app development, maintenance, security, online marketing (including search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, social media marketing, ), content and more.
  12. We understand that no two businesses are the same – so all our services are tailored to your unique business challenges and needs.

Evolution of the responsive web.

It does not matter where you are, whether you are on a bus, driving in your car, on a plane, sitting in the park, at the movies, look around. Most people in any public area browse the web on a smartphone or tablet. Over two-thirds of people own or use their mobile phone or tablet to browse the Internet. People are not just playing games — they are conducting business, buying and selling, sharing, networking, researching, reading news, browsing websites and consuming a wide variety of content.

Mobile web design is no longer a concept – it is an inevitable reality. Not having a mobile-friendly website can hurt a company that needs to target and attracts online audiences. For business owners to realize the full potential of their business online, they need to be able to connect to visitors whenever and wherever they choose to visit your site.

For mobile web users to get a good experience on your site, it should allow your visitors to view your content on the small screen size of their smartphone. A responsive site utilizes the built-in mobile browser to render content in the format best suited for the device. It takes into consideration mobile usability factors like text size, spacing between links to make touch-friendly, mobile-friendly navigation and more. Without a responsive design, your visitors will have a difficult time viewing your content on their phone. Modern web design needs to cater to the needs of evolving responsive web users.

Your website travels everywhere your target customer travels. Your website is literally in the palm of your customers’ hand, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your customer is mobile, and your website should be too.

Why do you need a mobile-friendly website?

Problems of not having a mobile website

  • Increasingly web usage and searches happen on the go through mobile devices. Without a mobile friendly or mobile version of their site, businesses miss out on the opportunity to connect with the mobile audience.
  • Mobile devices have a far greater reach than desktop and laptop computers. This audience can only be reached through a mobile friendly website.
  • Online shopping through mobile devices is becoming increasingly common. Without a mobile site or app, this audience is virtually out of reach.

Benefits of having a mobile website

  • Makes it possible to deliver a device-agnostic experience to your target audience.
  • Reach a much larger audience than a desktop site can reach.
  • Achieve much higher conversions – having a consistent user experience across desktop and smartphones improves chances of conversion by over 90%.
  • Improve engagement because responsive web design provides a consistent ease of use across devices.
  • Improve social sharing and popularity of your content because smartphone users also tend to use social media and share content they like on their mobile devices.
  • Get greater brand reach and increase opportunities to see across computers, tablets, mobile phones (both web and apps)
  • With a well-structured responsive website, you can increase the number of visitors who return to your site in the future. This could also mean increased conversions and sales.
  • If you have a local website, you can get exponentially more traffic because the majority of local searches happen on mobile devices.
  • You can enhance your brand, product or service beyond your desktop site through interactive software programs and mobile apps. Mobile technology is constantly changing – the possibilities are endless.
  • Google is promoting mobile-friendly websites with its mobile first initiative, so a mobile site is more likely to receive priority ranking from Google Mobile Search than sites that are not mobile friendly.

Essentials of mobile-friendly web design

fast-loading Mobile Website Design Services

Fast Loading

A mobile friendly web design needs to allow fast page load because web users on smart phones have even less patience than visitors on computers.

secure-browsing Mobile Website Design Services


With data security and privacy concerns growing in importance, it’s important for mobile friendly websites to provide a secure browsing experience.

search-friendy-design Mobile Website Design Services

Search Friendliness

Like any other website, a mobile site needs to be incorporate search engine optimization best practices because it’s no use having a website if it can’t be found.

aesthetics Mobile Website Design Services


A mobile site should not look like an after-thought. Web design aesthetics should factor in mobile user experience and expectations so the website looks like it was designed for mobile devices only.

analytics Mobile Website Design Services


Integrating analytics, heat map and click map tracking helps you track not just where your visitors are coming from, but also what they do, where they see and how they engage with your mobile site.

flexibility-scalability Mobile Website Design Services

Flexibility and Scalability

A good mobile site design allows for scalability and flexibility in adopting emerging technologies like AMP and PWA. It also should allow for seamless integration with mobile apps.

social-integration-mobile Mobile Website Design Services

Social Integration

Mobile web users are also more likely to share the content they like on their mobile phones. That makes it important to have good social integration on your mobile site.

seamless-experience-1 Mobile Website Design Services

Seamless Experience

Unlike computers, hand-held devices have many more screen sizes, browser experiences, etc. responsive web design allows seamless experience regardless of the device.

functionality Mobile Website Design Services


Often, the features and functionality expected on computers and mobile devices are different. Good mobile website design should cater to expected mobile functionality.

Your customer is mobile, and your website should be too.

mobile-user-needs Mobile Website Design ServicesMobile users need and want a different experience than PC users. Mobile users often seek directions, phone numbers, or maps. They need fast reliable information or they will leave your site. Modern web design needs to address the unique needs of a mobile user, regardless of the device through which they visit your site and deliver unique content that satisfies your visitors’ needs. The ideal solution for your business could be a responsive design, completely different and unique mobile site or a mobile app.

mobile-usability Mobile Website Design ServicesThe usability of a website on a computer and a mobile held device is quite different. A good responsive design and content improves website usability and user experience. Positive impressions are what counts and leans towards satisfaction. Searchers do not have time to try and browse a desktop version on a mobile device.

mobile-advertising Mobile Website Design ServicesAdvertising through mobile websites seem to be growing at a fast and steady pace. Mobile websites offer many new opportunities to reach and connect to target audiences. Advertisements on Google AdWords and other PPC networks increase the likelihood of your ads appearing in mobile listings. You should make sure that your ads are on mobile optimized landing pages and not the desktop.

mobile-engagement Mobile Website Design ServicesToday, social media likes, shares, reviews and location technology connects users to websites. Good mobile design encourages user engagement with mobile friendly features like click-to-call-to-actions and mapping functions. Remember everything communicates, either directly or indirectly. Brand visibility is no different. Good responsive website design and content helps your brand by making your company stand out from the crowd.

mobile-connectivity Mobile Website Design ServicesYou need your website to be accessed anytime and anywhere. Constant connectivity gives your target audience the ability to connect with you all the time no matter where they are. This alone gives you a competitive advantage. If your site is optimized for mobile devices, your audience will move and carry a negative impression. On the other hand, because mobile devices are increasingly used for social sharing, a responsive website is more likely to be liked and shared.

Are you ready to get mobile?

The key to converting visitors into customers is empowerment. Empower your visitors by letting them engage with your content at their convenience and you give yourself the best chance at success. If a customer is unable to find what they’re looking for on your website, they will leave. Users are more likely to engage with a company that has a fast, responsive, well-designed and fully functional website regardless of the browser or device.

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