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firewall-integration-300x300 Website Firewall Integration ServicesWebsites are natural targets to hackers as they are available to anyone online 24×7.
So why do hackers bother hacking a website?

  1. For monetary gain, by stealing credit card and other information.
  2. For political reasons against websites they do not hold the same views on.
  3. One country trying to disrupt another country’s
  4. To steal business secrets.
  5. To steal military secrets.
  6. To use the hacked website as a base to send out spam emails.
  7. To use the hacked website as a base to send out phishing emails.
  8. To use the hacked website as a base to spread malware and virus to unsuspecting visitors.
  9. And sometimes, just for bragging rights!

You may not really care much about your website getting hacked. However, remember that you could be held responsible if your site is used as a platform to cause damage and disrupt other sites.

One way to lessen the chances of your site being hacked is to incorporate the use of a website firewall. A number of different options are available depending on the platform your website is built around.

Protect your website from hackers and the consequences of hacking! Contact Flying Cow Design to discuss the benefits of integrating a firewall into your site.

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