Website Security Scanning

Website Security Scanning Services

Smart hackers these days like to cover their work so that the malware of malicious code they put on your website is not detectable easily. As a result, their hack remains in place longer and does more potential damage.

  • Some malware hacks that we have seen only gets activated if you visit a website from a search engine.
  • Some malware hacks only gets activated at certain times of the day or night.
  • Some other malware check to see if you have an older less secure version of a web browser before it runs.

website-security-scanning-300x210 Website Security Scanning ServicesAs a safety precaution, it is always a good practice to take a nightly backup of code and database should your website be updated on a regular basis, but it is also wise to do a security scan on your site code every night if possible to check any code that might have been changed or added, and make sure that it doesn’t contain hacks or malware.

When you own a business, remembering to back up your site’s code and database and doing it regularly can seem like a task, especially when there are other pressing needs that may require your immediate attention. Add to it the different types of security scanning techniques that are available which can further lead to confusion and waste of time. At such times, having a third party company who can handle the security of your site while you concentrate on other aspects of your business can give you peace of mind.

Flying Cow Design can not only give you information about the different site scanning techniques but can also take over that job for you. Visit Flying Cow Design to discuss the options available to you today!

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