Mobile Device Compatibility Services

Mobile Device Compatibility Services

mobile-device-compatability-services-300x169 Mobile Device Compatibility ServicesMobile devices are rapidly becoming the norm for consuming content on the web.
This has reached the point where there are more mobile searches than desktop searches performed, and Search Engines are very aware of this trend, so much so that if a website is NOT mobile friendly, Google will actually PENALIZE it in search results!

With such a competitive landscape, you MUST avoid any search engine penalties related to mobile at all costs otherwise you may be out of business!

The key to making a website mobile compatible and making it look great on any device it is viewed on, whether big or small, is to make the design ‘responsive’. This means your website will adapt to the device it is being viewed on and will get correctly displayed on it.

With competition increasing and with the number of people accessing their sites on their hand held devices increasing with every passing day, not having a responsive website can almost kill your presence on the web.

Check your website on a hand held device today!If it does not look/function correctly then maintenance may be in order to make it mobile friendly. This is where Flying Cow Design and its team can come in. We will assess your site and fix any glitches that may be there making your site available to anyone who wants to access it from a hand held device.

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