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Mobile Device Compatibility Services

Ensure your website is compatible with all mobile and wearable devices

mobile-device-compatability-services-300x169 Mobile Device Compatibility ServicesIt was not all that long ago when a website was seen as an optional online business card. It then became a necessary online representative of your business. Before long, it was an indispensable marketing channel to generate new leads, inquiries, and business online. One of the challenges marketers had with websites was that a large percentage of their target audiences didn’t have computers and internet access. But that has changed over the past few years.


The growth of mobile internet is transforming marketing

desktop-vs-mobile-internet-usage-300x123 Mobile Device Compatibility ServicesToday, the internet is accessed by more people from their tablets and mobile devices than on computers around the world. According to a study by Statcounter, more people today use the internet on mobile devices than on computers. Between 2012 and 2017 – in a span of five years – mobile internet usage on mobile devices went from around 10% to over 55%. If this trend continues, over 80% of all internet usage will be on mobile devices by 2020.

The emergence of Internet-enabled wearable devices – like smart watches and even smart rings – and the internet of things (IOT) has not only made the internet accessible to most people, but also to devices like home appliances and wearable devices. No wonder then that mobile internet usage is transforming online marketing with the emergence of mobile apps designed for iPhone, Android, and Amazon app stores. Your website is the first among your online marketing elements, and for it to succeed, it needs to be compatible for all mobile devices (including mobile phones, tablets, smart watches and smart devices) and mobile platforms (including iOS, Android, Windows and more).

Google has penalized websites for NOT being mobile friendly because in today’s world there are more mobile searches than desktop searches. Your website ranking results can be severely affected if you do not offer a mobile responsive web design.

Ensuring a truly mobile compatible website

For your website to be truly mobile compatible, it needs to provide a consistent and delightful user experience across internet-enabled devices including computers, mobile phones, tablets, smart devices and internet-enabled home appliances.

internet-enabled-devices Mobile Device Compatibility Services

Mobile devices and more

The most common devices that your website needs to work well on include:

  • Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc.
  • Popular Android devices
  • Common Windows mobile devices and tablets

Mobile device management includes:

  • Mobile application design and development where necessary
  • App store optimization
  • Mobile browser compatibility optimization
  • Responsive design to ensure consistent rendering across devices
  • Battery testing to ensure your site or app does not drain mobile batteries

Mobile optimization process

Flying Cow Design’s web developers will begin by performing a website compatibility test. This test will determine what needs to be optimized to create a mobile version. Your mobile site will contain the same information as the desktop version, only in a compatibility view.

Next, we will create your mobile responsive website design if needed or modify the existing design to make the mobile version match the desktop design. Clients will be able to review the compatibility view list, test the site in a multi-browser viewer, and provide feedback and changes that may be needed to optimize for mobile view.

Mobile Testing

Our team will perform compatibility testing to ensure your website hardware and software functions properly on any device. There is a multitude of devices used in today’s world; it is vital to have a website viewable on each and every one of them.

We will perform compatibility testing on the following are sections of your website.

  • Content—Content on a full website has to be adjusted to fit smaller mobile devices.
  • Navigation—Mobile navigation needs to be user-friendly without taking away the important
  • Size—Fonts and pictures will be adjusted to fit mobile devices.
  • Functions and Feature—All components are checked to ensure they are compatible with mobile devices.

We will ensure your mobile responsive website is upgraded as often as necessary.

Battery testing

Your platform and software will be tested to ensure it does not drain the battery of the visitor’s device.

Responsive website design

Our web developers can create a responsive design to ensure your website adjusts to any device visitors are using. The key is to adjust for your visitors and not make your visitors adjust to your website. Your desktop full version website is not mobile device friendly. Users will have to pinch or zoom in to make the screen larger; then have to slide the screen around to find what they are looking for. It will not be long before they bounce off your website to find a more user-friendly, mobile responsive website.

User experience is everything

Your visitor should not need a magnifying glass to read the mobile version of your website on their device. We will analyze your business and services offered and determine the most important sections for your target audience. Nothing will be left off of your mobile website; we will arrange the menus and dropdowns to be convenient for mobile users.

Mobile website visitors want to find the information they seek quick and easy without having to dig or look at tiny buttons to navigate.

With competition increasing and with the number of people accessing their sites on their mobile devices increasing with every passing day, not having a responsive website can almost kill your presence on the web.

Check your website on a mobile device today! If it does not look and function correctly then maintenance may be in order to make it mobile friendly. This is where Flying Cow Design and its team can help.

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