Web Content Writing Services

Web Content Writing Services

A Must for a Strong Online Presence

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Running a business is hard enough work without worrying about content needed for your website – especially in an era when content needs to be search engine friendly, engaging, customer-centric, unique, authoritative, and more.
Our editorial team includes highly-qualified web copy and content writers, editors, content marketing and content visualizers who know what it takes to create content that can engage your visitors.

Our team creates in-depth custom website content with our clients’ target audience in mind. That means:

The content we create is:

content-we-create Web Content Writing Services

  • Unique and original content born out of a well-defined and proven process
  • Content created keeping the needs of your customer personas in mind
  • High-quality web content based on extensive research and analysis
  • Informative content that’s exhaustive, authoritative and engaging
  • Content that balances keywords and SEO with readability virality
  • Content that goes beyond text – video, info graphics, slides, PDFs, e-books and more – depending on what’s best suited to your customers’ needs

Wide range of content types

content-types Web Content Writing Services

  • Marketing web page copy
  • Landing page content
  • Email content
  • SEO friendly blog posts
  • In-depth informative articles
  • Social media content
  • Press releases
  • Video scripts
  • E-books, whitepapers and other forms of PDF content

Unique and high-quality content is a must for a strong online presence

Having a well-designed website is only the first step towards having a successful online business. Eye-catching web design attracts the visitors’ attention,but it is the content that engages the reader and persuades them to become a customer.

A website without quality content is like giving an editor a new manuscript. With great anticipation, she begins to read the first line only to find that it is hard to read chicken-scratch. The writer can forget about any chances of becoming a published author.

Website content writing process

To show visitors your site is worth browsing, you must have well-written web content. Quality writing is not just about dotting your ‘i’s’ and crossing your ‘t’s’. Web copy writing is not a pop quiz to prove to your website visitors how brilliant of a writer you are. It is about having content that’s persuasive and to the point. To create effective content consistently, you need a time-tested process. At Flying Cow Design, we follow a proven process to ensure you have award-winning web copy writing that delivers results.

content-process Web Content Writing Services

The first step in the content creation process begins with your target audience. Content that talks to the target audience in their language, giving them what they need, works better than content written from the seller’s point of view. A professional writer needs to understand the audience personas at the very outset. Our in-house team is experienced in defining and understanding your customer personas, and skilled at delivering content that communicates effectively to these personas.

The content writer’s brief is the next step. This typically outlines what the content needs to cover, the “why”, the personality and tone of the content where applicable, references where possible and more. If the content is created for search engine optimization, then the brief should also contain the keywords that need targeted in the content. Creating a good content brief is a specialization in itself. The quality of the brief directly impacts what the content the writers will produce.

Professional content requires high-quality research. A substantial amount of research goes into a professional content writer’s process. Few realize the role research plays in the creative process. Research can include studying the client’s business, marketing collateral, speaking to stakeholders, analyzing the competition and their website content and more.

The first draft is the next step in the content creation process. Whether it is blog writing, web copy, or SEO content, seldom is the first draft published.It is the first expression of all the study and research that was done so far. Even if it is unique, it still needs to be reviewed for tone, personality, depth and more.

The editor never gets the byline, but plays a crucial role in the content creation process. The editor takes over from the web content writer. It is at the editing and optimization stage that the content begins to take the final shape. The editor determines the suitability of the content for the purpose. The personality of content for a landing page and social media post on the same topic would be completely different.

The presentation of the content is a critical final step in the process of creating high-quality web content. What and where visuals are used, whether it needs to be a web page, video or a PDF, where and how to include calls to action, how to make the content scan-friendly, how engage the audience with the content, and what interactive elements should the content have. All these are important internet marketing considerations that can completely transform good website content into content that delights and engages the readers.

10 qualities of good web content

Your web content must be scan able. Most people who surf the web do not have time to read a thousand-word sales copy. Your content should be well written and get straight to the point. Most people do not read text word for word; leave that for the newspapers and magazines in print. You need to consider the fact that your readers will be browsing your website on an iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices. Website visitors will not sort through several web pages on one site trying to find the information they are looking for. The visuals along with engaging content will be what keeps your visitor engaged and in return keep them on your site longer.

Web copy writing should always be original. Everyone wants to save time these days. However, copying your competitors’ content and rewriting it to pass plagiarism software just to save time, is not a good practice. Believe it or not, your visitors will be able to tell the difference. For it to be effective, the content you write needs to be relevant to the needs of the target audience. Relevant content takes into consideration the intent behind the topic and provides all the information required to meet that purpose.

Exhaustive content does not always mean verbose content. Quality web content can be succinct and brief while being exhaustive at the same time. Striking the balance between too little content and too much content is important.Particularly important if you are doing a press release or content that changes from time to time (exchange rates, laws, and more), it is important that the content you create be current with up to date information. Where possible and relevant, also include what changed, why and what the impact of the change could be for your customers and readers.

No one wants to hear what you want to say. Your visitors have a need and your content has to meet that need. For that, it needs to provide some unique value that your visitors are unlikely to find easily on the web. This value can come in any form – proprietary data, industry insights, a point of view, even a tone of voice that your visitors find refreshing and valuable.

People and search engines both look for credible sources of information. The content you create needs to be credible, authoritative and trustworthy. Earning the reader’s trust is a constant challenge for a professional website content writer. Citing references where applicable and consistently providing something unique can help you earn credibility over time.

High-quality content is easily consumable. The presentation is as important as the content itself. Choosing the right way to present the content and presenting it effectively can go a long way in earning credibility, trust and also in engaging the visitors. Content that’s good for an info graphic or video may not be ideal as a blog post. There’s a misconception that you need a lot of text for SEO. High-quality SEO content is not limited to text and includes video, PDF, info graphics, slides and almost any other form of presentation, as long as it resonates with the visitors.

The presentation is as important as the content itself. Choosing the right way to present the content and presenting it effectively can go a long way in earning credibility, trust and also in engaging the visitors. Content that’s good for an info graphic or video may not be ideal as a blog post. There’s a misconception that you need a lot of text for SEO. High-quality SEO content is not limited to text and includes video, PDF, info graphics, slides and almost any other form of presentation, as long as it resonates with the visitors.

Engagement signals play a growing role in modern SEO. What your visitors do on your informs search engines about how your content is perceived. How much time visitors spend on your website, whether they share and like the content, how many pages they visit, and so forth, influence search engine rankings over time.

You created unique, high-quality content that engages visitors and provides value. What next? You do not want visitors to just consume the content and leave? Whether you are looking for an e-commerce sale or to acquire B2B clients, if your content does not induce action, it will not achieve the results you desire.

Finally, you do not want your content to be one-and-done. You want visitors and clients to return to your website. For your content marketing efforts to be effective, your content needs to be sticky. It needs to make your visitors want more and draw them back to your website.

Is Hiring a Professional Web Copywriter Right for Your Business?

Flying Cow Design has an in-house team of content marketing professionals, writers, editors, strategists, visualizers and SEOs who ensure that you do not need to worry about the effectiveness of your content.

More business owners are realizing the value of having professional web copy. Your website design is not the only thing that can make or break your business; your web copy writing skills can mean the difference between having high sales conversion rates and low sales.

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