Web Content Writing Services

Web Content Writing Services

web-content-writing-services-300x209 Web Content Writing ServicesA Must for Strong Online Presence

Having a well-designed website is only the first step towards having a profitable website. Eye-catching web design attracts the viewer’s attention upon entering a website — it is the text that engages the reader and persuades them to make a buying decision.

Quality web design without quality copywriting is like an editor at a publishing house reading a new manuscript. With great anticipation, they begin to read the first line only to discover hard to read chicken-scratch. The author can forget about any chances of becoming a published author.

If you want to convince people that your website is worth browsing, you must have well written text. Quality writing is not just about dotting your ‘I’s’ and crossing your ‘T’s’. Web copywriting is not a pop quiz to prove to your site visitors how brilliant of a writer you are. It’s about having content that’s persuasive and to the point.

Web Copywriting Tips

If you want award-winning web copywriting that reaps good results, there are a few basic things your text must possess:

  • Your copywriting must be scannable. Most people who surf the web do not have time to read a thousand word sales copy. Your content should be well written and get straight to the point. Remember, most people do not read text word for word — leave that for the newspapers and magazines in print. Your website text should be around 300-600 words per page. You also have to consider the fact that your readers will be browsing your site on their iPad, iPhone and other electronic devices. It’s quite disconcerting to force readers to plow through pages and pages of text just to find out what a website is about. It should only take a few words to describe what your website is about.
  • Your copywriting must be SEO friendly and human friendly. Although having SEO friendly content is your ticket to online success, your text should also be human friendly. After all, it will be humans who will read your web copyand making the ultimate decision to purchase your products or services. Make sure your web copy engages your readers into a meaningful conversation.
  • Web copywriting should always be original. Everyone wants to save time these days. However, copying your competitors’ text and rewriting it to pass plagiarism software just to save time is not a good practice. Believe it or not, your readers will be able to tell the difference. Also, if your text is copied from otherwebsites, you could risk getting your website banned from the search engines. There are even some hosting companies that will suspend your hosting account if they receive a complaint that content has been copied. So, to avoid any conflicts, take your time to create content that is 100% original.

Web copywriting doesn’t end on the pages of your website. You should also include good copywriting in your print materials (brochures, flyers, etc.). If you are utilizing social media for marketing your business, make sure you include good copywriting. Often times, people will have impeccable content on their official website and neglect copywriting on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Is Hiring a Professional Web Copywriter Right for Your Business?

If you’re unsure of how to create effective copywriting, consider hiring the services of a professional copywriter. Many web design companies like Flying Cow Design offer professional copywriting including SEO copywriting services.

More business owners are realizing the value of having professional web copy. Your website design is not the only thing that can make or break your business — your web copywriting skills can mean the difference between having high sales conversion rates and low sales.

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