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Google Page Layout Algorithm

Have you searched for something and landed on a website that greeted you with nothing but advertisements? Ever been to websites full of Google Adsense...
How to Design an Unforgettable Brochure

Designing for Scalability

Challenges of planning a website design Web sites change all the time. Websites that stay and are liked by visitors evolve, responding to the changing...
Section 508

Section 508

About 57 million Americans have disabilities. Globally, that number is in the hundreds of millions. Each day, more than 3.5 million web pages ...
Seo content writing tips

SEO Content Writing Tips

Everyone recognizes the need for ranking in search results. Most recognize that content rules. These two, in combination, have resulted in a flooding ...
shopping cart usability new

Shopping Cart Usability

Thinking of building ecommerce capability on your website? Already have an ecommerce website that doesn't seem to be working well enough? Do you have ...
Tableless Web Design

Tableless Web Design

Web designing has evolved since the days of predominantly text based websites. With evolving technologies and increasing bandwidths, web programming t...

Tools for Webmasters

Building a good website doesn’t end the role of a web designer or webmaster. Just monitoring uptime isn’t enough either. In order to ensure the health...
User Experience Testing

User Experience Testing

If you have already read our article about user experience design, you would have a fair idea about how designing a good user experience is no longer ...
Web Design Essentials

Web Design Essentials

From its early days of text-based HTML content, the web has come a long way. Today, just about anything qualifies as content on the web -- from images...
Web Jobs

Web Jobs

Web Design Job Roles & Responsibilities Quick Links Requirements Modeller Branding Serviceser System Architect Config..
Website Footer Elements

Website Footers

Among the most ignored element of a website often is its footer. How much – if at all – do you as a website owner think about your website’s footer? A...
Website Monitoring Service

Website Monitoring Service

It wasn’t that long ago that web design companies offered a “website maintenance” package to clients to have some recurring revenues from existing cus...
benefits of business blog

Benefits of Blogging for Businesses

When it began, blogging and blog writing was only a means to express one’s personal feelings and opinions on the internet. However, in today’s world, ...
What is FPS?

What is FPS?

A: FPS stands for Frames Per Second. An easier way to know what does FPS mean is by reducing the acronym to its base term
what is swf

What is swf?

A:If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, what is SWF? Then all you have to do is look at your own computer to find out.
what is flash video

What is FLV?

A:What does FLV stand for? Flavor of the month? Florida Vacation? Flavor Fave? Fly Virgin Airlines? How about Flash Video
Common web design mistakes to avoid

Common Web Design Mistakes

Professional web presence is a necessity to establish credibility, foster client relationships and gain new customers. Developing a web site on these lines can be challenging but the real challenge lies in making it usable and user friendly...
What are Cascading Style Sheets?

What are Cascading Style Sheets?

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS stand for the various styles used to create a web page. When CSS is used to create a page, it can help define the page formatting...

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