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Types of Web Hosting Explained

Web Hosting Explained

Your website is your real estate on the Internet, and it is important that it resides on a strong foundation. A reliable web hosting service is that foundation.
What is an IP address

What is an IP Address?

A:Whenever you check your emails, there is information within the header or footer of the email form regarding an IP address
What is Linux Hosting?

What is Linux Hosting?

A: If you are wondering what is the definition of Linux Hosting, it is a type of web hosting using

What is SSL?

A:If you’ve found yourself asking what is SSL or you don’t think you need one, then we’d like to introduce you to a hypothetical
wildcard ssl certificate

Wildcard SSL Certificates

A:If you’re looking to protect your website and secure unlimited sub domains for your online use, then it’s time to look into a Wildcard SSL certificate
What is FTP?

What is FTP?

A: FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. It is a client program for transferring files from one computer to another computer.

What does .Com Stand For?

A:Whenever you check your emails, there is information within the header or footer of the email form regarding an IP address

Domain Names Explained

What is a Domain Name - Domain Names Explained Imagine a telephone directory. You look up your name to find your phone number. You call the phone num...
Choosing domain names

Choosing a Domain Name

Domain Name Search If you need help in finding the right domain name for you, we can help. Also choosing the best domain name for you...
SSL certificates installation services from Flying Cow Design

SSL Certificate Installation Services

Secure Web Transactions : SSL Certificates. Ever been worried about credit card transactions on your website sending the money to the right place (yo...
Domain names branding

Domain Names Branding

Domain Names: Internet Branding Considerations Branding Internet Keywords. Though having an internet searched keyword or two in your domain name may...
Hosting Plans

Hosting Plans

Flying Cow Design provides premium Linux and Windows hosting services through its subsidiary. Each Ballistic Hosting plan com..

Merchants Accounts

Merchant Accounts : What is a merchant account or payment gateway? Do you want to collect payments online automatically and have the funds deposited ...
Email Harvesting

Email Harvesting Protection Services

We have covered email spam protection, and what you should do to protect yourself against it, and we have had a humorous story of what would happen if...
how email accounts work

Email Accounts

How email works and fixing email problems All Flying Cow Design Hosting Plans come with enough email accounts for all of your needs. But how ...

Email Spam Protection Services

Email Spam is defined as the sending unsolicited bulk emailing to thousands of recipients, often with identical or near identical content. It is illegal...

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