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Make your online store deliver sales 24 hours a day!

With the growth of ecommerce and mobile purchases, you need a website that delivers a secure online purchase experience.

Flying Cow Design can enable your business to maximize online sales, whether you are offering one product or thousands. We believe that website usability as a primary consideration in e-commerce design. Our ecommerce web design services make the latest on online user experience and shopping technologies available to your customers to offer them a secure and easy ecommerce shopping experience.

ecommerce-pic-new ECommerce Web Design

eCommerce web design solutions to fit any business:

  • Seamless Integration – Our eCommerce solutions are designed to blend seamlessly with your current website retaining the same look, same feel, and full brand compatibility.
  • Complete flexibility – Whatever your business and operational needs, our ecommerce solutions are completely flexible and customizable to your business needs.
  • Internet orders sent to your fax machine – If you need a hard copy to file, you can have it! Alternatively, if you prefer email or online systems to check, you can have that too! When the order is made online it appears instantly on your fax a machine for you to process.
  • Order processed real time and online – Giving your customers direct feedback and instant results!
  • Secure online shopping carts – Our solutions are designed to list of your goods and services online by category, and let the customer fill up, and delete items in their shopping cart before checking out.
  • Online catalogs – Controlled by you! Our eCommerce software gives you the full power to add and delete items, change descriptions and prices and display sales reports, with total peace of mind security.
  • Full Content Management System (CMS) – Our solutions allow you and your staff to update everything on your eStore dynamically and in real time. No waiting, no tricky HTML or coding to do, it is as simple as typing it in and clicking!

Everything an eCommerce website needs and more – fully integrated

Cross-device compatibility

cross-device-compatibility ECommerce Web DesignAll our ecommerce websites are cross-device compatible, delivering a seamless experience across desktop, mobile, and tablets.

Fast shopping experience

fast-shopping-experience ECommerce Web DesignShoppers don not have patience. Our ecommerce solutions are designed to provide lightning quick experience from the landing page to check-out.

Feature-rich ecommerce

feature-rich-ecommerce ECommerce Web DesignOur ecommerce solutions are feature-rich allowing us to design the solution that best matches your business and product marketing needs.

cross-device-compatibility ECommerce Web DesignInternet usage and shopping on hand-held devices is rapidly growing. Be it impulse shopping or research, the use of internet on hand-held devices has long overtaken internet usage on computers. Even Google recommends a mobile-first shopping experience for webmasters. We understand that your online store needs to work regardless of the device your customers choose.

fast-shopping-experience ECommerce Web Designpage-load-time-impact ECommerce Web DesignEvery second loss in website speed results in real loss of business. Internet users and online shoppers no longer have the patience to wait for your website. If they do not get a quick shopping experience, you will lose the business to a website that’s fast.You cannot afford a slow website or a slow integration with the ecommerce engine. We understand the impact of website performance on your business. Every e-commerce website we build is designed to be fast and the shopping experience a breeze.

feature-rich-ecommerce ECommerce Web DesignEvery business has its own uniqueness. Our e-commerce software solutions understand the uniqueness of every business and provide a feature-rich solution including: secure browsing and transactions, multiple currency payment gateways, integration of offers and discounts, multi-lingual capabilities, shipping rate integration, abandoned cart recovery, integration of taxes, customizable customer profiles, refund and chargeback management, customizable templates, SEO compliance, social and email integration, inventory management, product organization, importing and exporting data, customizable reporting, analytics integration, mobile app support, and more. We will work with you to identify the features your business needs the most and deliver a website that delights your customers.

Scalable solutions

scalable-solutions ECommerce Web Design Whether you have just one product or millions, we deliver websites that can handle the every level of complexity and easy to scale aligning with your business growth needs.

Flexible content management

flexible-cms-1 ECommerce Web Design We understand that all products are not the same. We provide flexible content management systems that allow let you create content that best describes each product.

Customizable solutions

customizable-solutions ECommerce Web DesignOur websites do not require you to fit your marketing into a template. We provide customization solutions that become seamless extensions of your business and marketing.

scalable-solutions ECommerce Web DesignThe needs of a business that has one customizable product are different from the needs of services ecommerce or a store offering thousands or millions of standard products. Many businesses start small and want to scale over time. A good ecommerce solution should meet every need seamlessly, and we ensure that you are able to scale your business at your pace and in line with your business needs.
flexible-cms-1 ECommerce Web DesignWhether you need a single product picture or a gallery; feature list or comparisons, standard template or customizable content blocks with video, slides, PDFs and more, our e-commerce software supports it all and makes it easy for you to customize the content to meet your business and marketing needs.
customizable-solutions ECommerce Web DesignAn ecommerce solution that requires you to file development tickets each time you need something customized is not designed for efficiency. It will increase the time to market and costs in the long run. Our e-commerce solution is customizable and puts the power in your hands so you can make the changes you need without waiting for your development tickets to be addressed and resolved for every small change. At the same time, our team is available for the more complex changes you desire, should you need development support.


website-stability ECommerce Web DesignWith over 99.9% up time and high-performance ratings, we deliver ecommerce websites that are stable and up and fast whenever your customers decide to shop – day or night.

Marketing Capabilities

marketing-capabilities ECommerce Web DesignEasily cross-promote related content, allow shoppers to share, re target visitors, email shopping cart abandonment, and more, with rich ecommerce marketing capabilities.

CRM Integration

crm-integration ECommerce Web DesignWe know that what happens after the shopping experience is equally important. Our ecommerce solutions can be integrated with your CRM solutions seamlessly.

website-stability ECommerce Web DesignYou cannot mandate or control shopping hours on an ecommerce site. Your customers can choose to shop during the day or night, during working days or holidays. We ensure that your site is up and running at whatever time your customers want to shop. Through staging environments, extensive QC and regression testing before a feature is released and by building redundancies, we can ensure over 99.9% up time for your online store.
marketing-capabilities ECommerce Web DesignJust having a website that lets you sell products or services online is no longer good enough. It needs to support and enhance your marketing efforts. Cross-promoting related products, being able to track purchase patterns and recommend products intelligently, being able to trigger email alerts and reminders, search engine optimization, social media integration, retargeting capabilities are all a reality and expectations from modern online marketing. We ensure that your e-commerce site has the capability to complement and integrate your marketing needs seamlessly.
crm-integration ECommerce Web DesignTrack your customers in the CRM solution of your choice, seamlessly import and export data between systems, track user behavior, buying patterns, lifetime value of customers and more. Intelligently predict customer behavior and develop solutions that cater to the needs of an ever-evolving marketplace. Our CRM integration will give you the power manage customer experience beyond your website by integrating with the customer relationship management systems you already have in place or opt for in future.

We understand your business needs and deliver ecommerce solutions that work

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