Malware removal services

Malware Removal Service

Secure your website against malware, hackers and other malicious code injection

malware-removal-service-300x198 Malware Removal ServiceHackers will do anything to get into your website to steal your data and infect it with a virus, Trojan horse, malware or some other form of malicious code.

Whether you are using a third-party hosting service or not, hackers can find your personal login information to your server or FTP program. Having an anti-virus software installed is essential, but still not enough. Despite everything, you still need dedicated malware protection.

Your website will need to be scanned and cleaned periodically, backed-up and security measures regularly updated to protect it from being infected by malware.

If your website gets infected, it becomes a security threat for your visitors because your site could infect their machines. Because of this threat to their searchers, your website could get blacklisted by Google and other search engines. That, in turn, can completely dry up visitors. We can protect your site against this eventuality.

What is malware and what
does it do?

types-of-malware Malware Removal Service“Malware” stands for malicious software. It is any software or program created with the intention of causing damage or harm to computers, networks, etc. Viruses, trojan horses, worms, adware, and spyware, are all different types of malware. A malware infection can cause damage to the infected system or network, steal personal data, result in identity theft or theft of credit card information, and more.

Types of malware and what they do

Viruses: These are programs that reside in the PC memory and attach themselves to files that are opened on the machine, thereby infecting them. This is one of the oldest form of malware, and installing an anti-virus or anti-malware program will remove most virus infections.

Worms: These are like viruses but instead of infecting files or computers, they are designed to crawl from computer to computer and infect an entire network — either local or across the internet.

Botnets: A botnet is a series of networks comprising of infected computers that the attacker or hacker controls.

Trojan Horses: These are either fake software or pieces of malicious code included inside tampered or hacked genuine software. Usually, trojans create backdoors into the system security to allow infections from other forms of malware.

Adware: Perhaps the least harmful of all malware, adware is a piece of software that serves advertisements aggressively. It bypasses your system security to serve ads. When you click on these ads, the creator of the adware earns advertising revenue. In some cases, the ads are to other forms of malware sites that can cause serious damage to your system.

Spyware: Usually created to capture credit card details or for identity theft, this is a piece of software that stays in memory spying on all your activity recording passwords, credit card details, etc.

Ransomware or Scareware: These usually lock up your computer and require you to make a payment before the system is unlocked. These often come with threats of erasing everything on the system’s hard drive if the ransom is not paid within a specified time window.

Website malware: Malware can be designed to infect websites by injecting malicious code into the web pages by bypassing and undermining the site’s security. The relatively harmless website malware inserts links to scam sites, porn sites and other low-quality sites to undermine your website authority with the intention of getting it blacklisted by search engines. Most of the above forms of malware can also infect websites and cause serious damage to the site’s reputation, business information and the personal data of the site’s customers.

How Do You Know Your
Website is Infected?

malware-infected-website Malware Removal ServiceThere are several ways you may notice your website is not performing correctly.

  • A search engine or your hosting provider may contact you to let you know about suspicious activity on your website.
  • Your customers may complain about getting a 404-error page or other error messages.
  • You check out your website on Internet Explorer, Chrome, your mobile phone or some other browser and notice it is entirely different from your last creation or updates.

You could be losing vital revenue with every passing second. Keep in mind not all hosting companies, and web developers have the knowledge to clean up a hacked or malware-infected website. It is vital to have a professional malware removal service from the beginning stages of site development to help protect and prevent a malware infection.

Our web protection

malware-removal-services Malware Removal ServiceWe will keep updated copies of your website data to ensure there is no loss of data if an attack happens. Our daily monitoring will keep these attacks to a minimum.

We will first put your website into safe mode to prevent any further damage or data loss. We provide fast malware, spyware, viruses, and backdoor removal. We install monitoring software as an added security later to prevent future attacks. As soon as we are notified of suspicious activity on your website we act on it to remove any malware or another virus component.

We do not stop at malware removal; we continue to analyze your content, all files. We remove and clean any bugs hackers have installed on your content preventing it from functioning correctly. We will use our Search Engine Blacklist Monitoring tool to keep your website from being blacklisted and lose search engine ranking position.

Don’t wait until your website is infected with a virus. Start searching today for a good website virus removal solution. When you invest in website virus and malware removal, you are not only protecting yourself; you are protecting your customers and the future of your business.

Why Choose Flying Cow Design

Flying Cow Design offers a multitude of services; from planning and developing your website to maintenance and security against attacks. Our website malware removal service cleans any infected parts of your site and get it back up and running as quickly as possible. Having a professional malware removal service on hand will save you time and money. Don’t wait till your site is infected with malware to act. Contact us today to secure your website.

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