Corporate Website Design Services

Professional corporate website design and marketing

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Corporate website design services

Why do you need a professional web development company like Flying Cow Design? How will your corporation benefit from our professional custom website, online marketing, and branding services?

Gone are the days when corporate websites were like online business cards. Today, corporations need their website to act as their online representative and working to increase their business and online presence.

Flying Cow Design started as a professional website design company over two decades ago. Over the years we have grown and evolved into a complete web presence management company offering a range of services ranging from corporate identity, branding and logo design, to domain registration, hosting, corporate website design, online marketing, maintenance, security and more.

Custom web design

Whether you are a young and growing start-up or an established enterprise, we have the experience of working with clients of all sizes. We make sure that your business — big or small — leaves a lasting impression on your visitors. Our range of custom web design services include:

  • B2B and B2C web development
  • E-commerceweb design
  • Responsive web design and mobile app development
  • Web portal design and development
  • Custom web application development

We build corporate websites with our clients needs and their target audience at the center. All our customers get a creative, professional, and ROI-positive website that attracts the right visitors. We have been developing successful websites for decades. Our team includes graphic designers, web designers, an editorial team, search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing professionals, and marketing strategists who ensure the right web design solution for every need.

We ensure that your website is affordable, easy to navigate, informative, and rich in content tailored to your target customers’ needs.

Our corporate web development process

Whether we are building a new website or helping you with your website revamp, we start every project with discovery. During the discovery phase, our team strives to understand your business by, meeting with the principal stakeholders to better understand the nuances of your business challenges, competition, messaging and positioning. If you already have a website, we will work with you to understand the need for change and define a detailed scope that guides the entire web site design and development process.

The research phase includes an analysis of your competitors, your industry needs, and customer expectations. During this phase, we develop target audience personas, messaging needs, establish brand guidelines and more.

The design phase defines the design needs of your business – from brand identity and logo design to custom user experience and graphic design. Whatever your need, our team creates custom solutions tailored to your business.

During the iteration phase, depending on the scope of the web design package, we work with you and iterate the design, messaging, copy, navigation, calls to action and every detail of your business website till it aligns with your vision and expectation.

During the development phase, all the details of your website come together. Whether it is a portal development project or an e-commerce site, the components and functionality of your website gets developed. Features like security and responsive website design get integrated. SEO features like navigational best practices, design considerations, optimized content and meta tags get implemented. By the completion of this stage, your website is almost ready to be launched.

Before the launch, your website goes through extensive user acceptance testing (UAT), functionality and regression tests. We ensure secure browsing, completely mobile friendly responsive design, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility. We also ensure adequate web hosting environment and can provide domain registration and host services if needed. When launched, your website is ready to start performing and attracting visitors. For clients who sign up for our SEO services, we also ensure search engine submissions, SEO compliance, local optimization and much more.

For our website maintenance clients, we also ensure close to 100% up time, an error free website, website updates, periodic back-ups and maintenance, protection against hackers and viruses.

Flying Cow Design is more than just a web design company. Our range of web presence management services can help you promote your website effectively through search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, PPC and more.

Our value as a corporate web design company

As a professional web design company, OUR client’s business needs come first. We define creativity as a solution that delivers value and helps your businesses grow. Our team is committed to taking your business website to the next level. Your website will have all the functionality needed and top-of-the-line technology to provide a delightful experience to your visitors.

Flying Cow Design understands the strategy needed to drive traffic to your corporate website and grow your visibility footprint. Our online marketing team ensures that the intended traffic reaches your website and increases your profits. We use search engine optimization, email marketing, social media, pay per click (PPC), and targeted advertising to grow your business visibility online.

The idea of all advertising is to convert visitors into customers. This is essential to ensure a successful business online. We are experienced in conversion rate optimization (CRO) through A-B testing and multi-variate testing to guide visitors towards the desired conversion– whether it is an e-commerce purchase, newsletter sign-up, inquiries or advertising monetization of your website traffic.

The long-term objective of a website development endeavor is to increase brand reach, visibility and recall. We provide a range of services that help our client businesses grow online. These include content creation, content promotion, social media marketing, media relations and press releases, search engine optimization, online advertising and more.

All our services are contemporary, in line with the emerging industry trends and, at times, ahead of the times. From mobile friendliness to secure browsing, from mobile apps to custom web apps, from Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to Progressive Web Apps (PWA). From predictive content development to Google instant answers, all our team members keep up with the latest in the industry and your business benefits from our growing knowledge base.

While design, development, and marketing are our specializations, reliability and quality are our core values. By partnering with Flying Cow Design, you get a reliable business partner focused on growing your business online.

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Flying Cow Design takes pride in our long-term growing relationships with our clients. Our brand building experience creates these client relationships and ensures their return for future needs and services. Contact us to see how we can build your customer relationships.

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