What is swf?

swf-1024x549 What is swf?

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, what is SWF? Then all you have to do is look at your own computer to find out. “SWF” (previously known as “Shock Wave Flash”; now regarded as “Small Wave Format”) is the file format that’s supported by Adobe Flash Player, the leading software which allows users to enjoy videos, graphs, sounds and other images online.

Recent research has indicated that at least 98% of all computers have Adobe Flash Player, with an astonishing 90% of that number claiming to have the most recently updated version of Flash Player. Considering the extreme popularity of video sites like YouTube, learning more about SWF is crucial to your success as a website owner and user.

So what does SWF mean? And why do you use it almost every time you turn on your computer? Read this article to discover more:

SWF Meaning

Adobe’s SWF brings graphics, images, games, and sounds to life. SWF files can be created by a variety of Adobe products, most of which you’re probably already familiar with. From Flash and Flash Builder to After Effects (which is used to make special effects in films and television shows), SWF files are an important part of the everyday online experience. In fact, without SWF files, it’s very possible that the interactive component to the World Wide Web would fall far below what we’ve come to expect today.

Adobe Flash

Getting to know the meaning of SWF comes hand-in-hand with learning more about Adobe Flash. This multimedia platform has been used to create the videos, games and images that have come to permeate the everyday online user experience. Flash and SWF files, for that matter can be used on multiple operating systems; however, that doesn’t mean that Adobe hasn’t run into its own fair share of controversy.

Given the popularity of online advertising via graphics and videos, many users have grown frustrated at the over saturation of Adobe Flash on the Internet today. These same users believe that Flash and SWF files have contributed to an online experience that’s highly annoying, incredibly intrusive and detrimental to an operating system’s functionality (if you’ve ever had your browser crash due to a problem with Adobe, then you know exactly what we mean here). That’s why many operating systems and softwares now allow users to block Adobe Flash Player, and SWF files altogether.

SWF – An Important Part of the Online Experience

No matter where you stand on the Adobe Flash debate, there’s no denying that SWF files are inextricably linked to the online experience. After all, where would we be without interactive online videos, rich graphics, intense sounds and the internet games that keep us entertained?

SWF files have played an important role in the past and undoubtedly will play an important role in the future of online multimedia as Adobe continues to grow and develop more multimedia products.

Visit the Flash Animation and Media FAQ section of Flying Cow Design to know more about SWF.

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