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About 57 million Americans have disabilities. Globally, that number is in the hundreds of millions. Each day, more than 3.5 million web pages and over 750,000 new images are posted on the ‘Net’. Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act was created to ensure that Federal employees and members of the public with disabilities, have the same access to and use of information and data, that members of the public without disabilities have.

Assistive technologies used by those with disabilities include text readers. In order for their text readers to function with their web browsers, the websites they browse must be ‘enabled’ or section 508 standards compliant, so that text and graphical content (without text) can be interpreted.

Section 508 Non-Compliance can make you lose your Business!

Flying Cow Design is fully qualified to create your new website to government standards with full section 508 compliance.

For those of you with existing websites, we can easily retrofit your website so that it becomes section 508 compliant with little change to design, look, feel or aesthetics!

Non compliance can cost your business. With a compliant website you will be addressing every prospective customers needs.

Let us give your website a quick review and analyze it for compliance standards.
Call or request a proposal today!

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