Choosing a Domain Name

choosing-domain-names-300x172 Choosing a Domain NameChoosing a domain name is not always the easiest part of creating a successful website. You need a domain name that is creative, brand worthy, and easy to remember. However, the one you choose for your business might  not be available.  While this can be frustrating, there are ways to make it easier.

Domain Name Generators

Using a reputable domain name generator reduces the amount of time you spend trying to find an available domain name. Domain name generators use an algorithm to filter through thousands and thousands of available names and suffixes.

When your chosen domain name is not available, you can use suggestions that will add prefixes or suffixes, abbreviations or other variations of that domain name. Most domain name generators provide available suggestions.

Tips for Choosing a Domain Name

The following tips will help you in narrowing down your options.

Brandable. While a generic domain name is convenient and easier than sifting through thousands of options, a creative domain name is brandable. Customers will remember it when they think of your products and services building your brand in the process.

Get creative. Google, Yahoo, and Pepsi are all made up words, which through marketing strategies has worked well for their companies. Use a thesaurus when you have trouble coming up with words that mean the same as your keywords. A catchy domain name that is easy to say and spell will stick with targeted customers.

Short and easy to type. Use words customers can easily spell. Do not use the slang version as it will cause misspelled domain names, lead to the wrong IP address, and loss of customers to the competition.

Use keywords. Keywords in your domain name that describe your business make it easy for customers to remember. Search engines also like keywords in the domain name.

Do not use hyphens or numbers. Often numerical numbers get written out, and hyphens are missed placed or not used at all. If another domain name is similar to yours, you will lose this customer to the competition.

Use .com. You may have noticed there are multiple top-level domain (TLD) extensions available to use. However, using .com, which is the most recognized and thought of TLD, will ensure customers get to your website.

Protect your domain name. It is a good marketing strategy to buy as many variations of your domain name as possible. All variations are then forwarded to your top-level domain name which you will use for your website and all marketing purposes. Typo squatters trying to steal customers will use variations of your domain to trick customers into thinking their website is yours, the one they were looking for.

Long-term thinking. The top-level domain name you choose is tied to your brand and your business for life, like a marriage. If you decide to change it in the future, you are going to be starting from scratch again. It will cost you in branding, SEO marketing, and possibly the loss of customers.

Also, in long-term thinking, consider the niche you have chosen. Are you comfortable staying within that niche, or do you have dreams of expanding to different niches? This is a business-making decision that needs made in the beginning. You will have a hard time expanding to different niches with the same domain name and could lose the chance of loyal customers following you on your business adventures.

Now What

What do you do after choosing your domain name? What if you are not ready to use it yet? No worries, you will not lose the domain name you have finally chosen to purchase.

Park it

If you are not ready to create a website or use the new domain name for your new e-mail address, you will not lose the domain name. Your domain registration provider or web hosting service has options for your to park it until you are ready.

Use it for email

Having your new domain name means you can now send and receive e-mails using it. It will be personalized, unique and more professional than a Yahoo, Hotmail, or another temporary account. Get a webmail, e-mail package or buy a web hosting package which usually includes e-mail for your new domain.

Create a new website

Build it yourself or use a professional web design service. Tell the world what you have to offer or what is important to you.

Sell It!

Domain names can make great investments. Build a single ‘For Sale’ page and point your domain at that. Many such websites have been created just for brokering domain names.

If you set up a new website yourself, make sure you check out our section on e-mail harvesting protection to the stop spammers from getting all of the new e-mail addresses from your website. If you do not want your new e-mail address spammed from other sources, have a look at ways to prevent e-mail spam.

Flying Cow Design’s web development team has the creativity to help you choose a domain name worth tying to your brand and business for years to come. They have the technology that can automatically generate top-level domain names based on keywords you supply; search for unused domain names and then report back which ones are available.

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