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ssl-certificates-300x168 SSL Certificate Installation ServicesIn the modern, connected world, security is a growing concern. Protection of online personal data and privacy from hackers and identity thieves is more important today than ever before. The need for online security, data encryption and protection has increased to the extent that search engines have started penalizing websites that don’t provide secure browsing. In an era where your website can be accessed from just about any internet-enabled device – including mobile phones, tablets, web-enabled home appliances, smart-watches and other smart wearables, you cannot afford to not offer a secure environment to your website visitors.

When a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificate is installed on your website, it creates a secure browsing environment through the HTTPS protocol. It provides security for sensitive information related to usernames and passwords, credit card and bank information. Search engines like SSL certs and reward websites by increasing their ranking position. Customers tend to trust secure https websites more, so when your website shows up as secure in search engines, searchers are more likely to click on your listing. In turn, this will improve your website traffic and conversion rates. Data is kept safe between web servers, and customers do not need to worry about their information being intercepted. Without an SSL certificate, data sent to the server without encryption can be easily intercepted by hackers or criminals and used for harmful purposes.

What is an SSL

what-is-ssl SSL Certificate Installation ServicesAn SSL Certificate is a set of small data files stored on the server that provides a layer of security for websites and transactions by digitally binding a cryptographic key or encryption that protects the organization’s details.

Once installed on a web server, the website runs on the https protocol instead of HTTP. The SSL certificate acts as a security layer that only allows secure connections with the browser accessing the site. This restricts the kind of information available to the browser and protects personal data and other sensitive information. SSL certificates bind together the domain name, server name or hostname on the one hand, and the identity of an organization and its location.

Historically, SSL certificates were used by e-commerce websites to secure online credit card transactions, data transfers, and login credentials. With the growth of mobile internet access and a resultant growth in security concerns, SSL certificates are now used by almost all websites to facilitate secure browsing of business and social media sites.

How SSL certificates

how-ssl-certificates-work SSL Certificate Installation ServicesSSL Certificates use a secure transaction called a public key cryptography. This cryptography uses two keys, one is public, and one is private. The public key is used to encrypt messages or information sent over your server. When there is a request for information from a browser, the private key is used to unlock the encrypted message or information as it passes from your server to the browser. The information cannot be accessed anywhere in between the website and server without the private key. A website where the SSL certificate is installed correctly will show its domain name starting with HTTPS instead of HTTP.

SSL Certificates must be obtained from a trusted Certificate Authority with Root Certificates. To have a trusted Certificate, the end user should have the Root Certificate on their machine. If the Root Certificate is not present, the end user will receive error messages. This can cause the end user to bounce off your entrusted website and find a company which is trusted.

Types of SSL

security-icon SSL Certificate Installation ServicesInstant SSL Certificate

Instant SSL certificates will cover one domain with high-levels of encryption, making the website trusted on all browsers.

security-icon SSL Certificate Installation Services

Extended Validation Certificate (EV SSL)

Provides a green address bar so customers can quickly know the website is secure. EV SSL certificates provide security for all size businesses.

security-icon SSL Certificate Installation Services

Wildcard Certificate

Using this single certificate, website owners can use their main domain and add several sub-domains under it. Each will be secure and encrypted the same. The Wildcard Certificate is cost-effective for websites with multiple domains.

security-icon SSL Certificate Installation Services

Essential SSL

Essential SSL certificates provide instant coverage because it is completely validated online.

security-icon SSL Certificate Installation Services

Multi-Domain/SAN SSL

For businesses with multiple domains, the Multi-Domain/SAN SSL certificate covers up to 100 domains with the same encryption and security.

security-icon SSL Certificate Installation Services

Unified Communications Certificate (UCC)

UCC is specifically for Microsoft Exchange or Office Communications servers. Emails can be sent with ease knowing they are secure and cannot be intercepted.

Installing SSL

Flying Cow Design’s engineering team will install the SSL Certificate onto your server. This will ensure a secure connection with all website browsers and your website server. Once your SSL Certificate is successfully installed, you will notice your website address changes from HTTP to HTTPS; meaning it is secure. You and your customers will notice a padlock or ‘green’ address bar, indicating it is a secure website. You can also purchase SSL certificates from us. Check prices below.

Buy SSL Certificates

All SSL Certificates are created equal as they all must conform to the same protocols. The main difference is in the price and ability to support up to 256 bit encryption.

SSL Certificates
Issuer256 bitPrice
Network Solutionsyes$129/year
GeoTrust yes $399/yearyes$399/year


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