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Domain Names: Internet Branding Considerations

Domain Branding Keywords

Having an internet searched keyword or two in your domain name tells others this is a core focus of what you do. Making up a unique domain name may be more effective for some businesses. Google, eBay, Yahoo, Xerox, and Pepsi are all made up domain names and globally identifiable. However, beware. Made up brands require customer education and time to make them effective.

If you are choosing a new domain name, chose something that is not more than two or three words at most. Why? Because not only are longer domain names harder to remember, but they also have a better chance of being misspelled, and you could lose business to the competition. Some competitors will use “typosquatting” to steal business by purposely registering a misspelled domain name.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is what search engines use to score your website and decide where it will rank. Obtaining  good domain authority starts with how many domains you are going to need. For the most part, you will have a top-level domain name, then multiple second-level domains for all other products or services offered.

Having a keyword in your domain name or internet brand gives you a huge competitive advantage when customers are using search engines. Click through rates on search engines and paid advertisements are a lot higher, and you get all of those highly descriptive inbound links that search engines love so much.

If you have a separate domain for each product or service, then you are basically starting your SEO practices over from the beginning for each one. You then have to get your trusted and potential customers to navigate to the new domain.

Keyword Domain Brand Drawbacks

The competition is steep, and there is a lower barrier to entry. Competitors in your industry are likely already using those keywords in their top-level domain name. Finding a catchy domain name using those keywords will be a little more difficult. Competitors also have years of SEO optimization promoting and fine-tuning their brand name.

Search engines determine the ranking factors for each domain name. Search engines only show search results it deems relevant to users.

Another factor which harms businesses using keywords in their domain brand name is that it makes it harder to expand your business using that domain name.

The only way to differentiate your internet brand name from the others would be by price or services offered. It is hard to do both, but if successfully done it could be the winning formula. A low-volume and high-price business is just as profitable as a high-volume and low-price business. The only difference is the high-volume business will work harder for its money. If the customer does not mind paying more for better service, that is the way to go.

Using Dashes in Domain Names or Not?

Refrain from using dashes as this looks tacky and like a bogus website. Nearly all successful companies refrain from using dashes .

Using .com, .org or .net

No matter how much you want your chosen domain name if .com is taken, do not use .net or .org. It is out of habit that consumers go for .com; they remember the name of the company, not the URL ending. This mishap causes you to lose business to the .com competitor.

Good Branding Goes Beyond the Domain Name

Good branding is all about the online experience your customers had. If you can put yourself in the customer’s shoes every day, and find out what is important to them, and provide it to them, then you are well on the way to creating a good brand. Amazon, Dell, and Yahoo all started small and grew large.

Tips for Choosing a Good Domain Name

The key to a good domain name is something that is easy to remember and easy to market. This is not always easy to obtain while trying to include the branding keyword as well. The following tips will help in choosing a domain name.

  • Keep it short and sweet. The shorter the domain name, the easier it is to remember.
  • Consider adding the brand name in your domain. Even if you cannot exactly match your domain, adding the brand could make it easier for potential customers to find your website.
  • Avoid dashes and .org or .net.
  • Keep it catchy. The more memorable your domain name is, the more customers will remember it.

With the right dedication and customer-centric focus, your domain can rank and be SEO-friendly too!

To build the perfect brand, or get setup completely online with a domain name, email address, and website give Flying Cow Design a call or request a proposal. We can even help you with Internet Marketing as well!

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