Web design services for businesses across industries

Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries

Professionally designed, custom websites for enterprises and small businesses

web-design-for-businesses-across-industries Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries

Having a website today is as important as having a business address. But is having any website good enough? As markets evolve, so do expectations. There are tons of “free website” solutions out there that can get you a pretty, but cookie-cutter site. But a site like that won’t help you stand apart from your competition. It won’t allow for the needs of a local business as opposed to a national business. It won’t address the nuances of your industry, may not offer the security you need, may not be mobile and search engine friendly… the list goes on.

Every modern website needs to have content that addresses the entire search intent funnel, is secure, mobile friendly, optimized for search engines, social media friendly and engaging. It needs to have the ability to convert potential customers into engaged clients and evangelists.

Business owners are realizing the value of investing in user-friendly website that’s designed by specialists with experience in designing websites for similar businesses.

Industries we specialize in

real-estate Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries

Real Estate

Whether you’re a real estate agent, broker or even an independent investor, you need a professionally designed and feature-rich real estate website that meets the expectation of your target audience. We design interactive real estate websites rich with videos, interactive listings, plans, 3D walk-throughs and more.

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architecture Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries


You can be the world’s most sought-after architect. However, if your website design does not exhibit your talent, expertise and capabilities, you will never be taken seriously as an architect by the visitors to your website. We have designed winning sites for architects that engage their audience through custom features.

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Education Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries


One of the greatest myths is that an educational website has to be basic and generic looking. Students, faculty, parents and alumni are now opting for websites with sleek custom designs and seamless functionality. Don’t you need a winning school website design? Talk to us about how we can give your school website an edge.

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hospitality Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries


Whether yours is a small mom-and-pop cafe, or a national restaurant franchise, you need a restaurant website that provides all the information a patron would need including menus, interior pictures and more. And a site that incorporates local SEO to attract the right audience. Read more about our restaurant web design services.

legal Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries


Within the first three seconds of a visitor landing on your site, they will decide whether to stay or not. In a competitive legal space, the first impression of your site should reflect authority, trustworthiness and credibility. We have helped many lawyers and law firms earn authority through their websites. Read more about our law firm web design services.

Manufacturing Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries


The website of B2B Manufacturing businesses needs to be comprehensive in terms on product information, facts and figures, service capabilities, demos, FAQs, data-sheets, technical whitepapers and more. We have a rich experience of developing B2B sites small and large businesses. Read more about manufacturing web design services.

medical Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries


When patients visit your website, they often seek an educational resource. More and more people are searching for information on health and preventive care. Our experience of designing medical websites means you get a site that addresses every need of a potential patient. Find out more about our medical web design services.

Defense-and-Aerospace Web Design Services for Businesses Across Industries

Defense and Aerospace

The website of a defense or aerospace firm needs to be robust, fast, secure, easy to navigate, and have features relevant to the industry. We have experience in developing websites for companies in the aerospace and defense industry and this means you will get a website that consistently exceeds expectations.

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Get much more than just custom web design

From small business to enterprise, B2B to e-commerce websites, we have served clients and helped them grow their business through a range of web presence management services. All our websites include the following features:

  • High level of data encryption and secure browsing through the HTTPS protocol
  • Responsive web design to ensure a consistent experience across devices
  • Search friendly architecture and design
  • Custom content and features on par with, or better than the best in class in every industry we serve

While there are a number of web design businesses, few have the wide-ranging experience and capabilities that Flying Cow Design brings to ensure your business success.

We offer a range of services including:

  • Brand identity and logo design services
  • Graphic design for printed marketing literature
  • Custom web design and development services including e-commerce web design, CMS-based web design and custom web application development
  • Mobile development including development of apps for iOS and Android
  • Web security and maintenance services
  • Online marketing services including search engine optimization (SEO), Local optimization, app-store optimization, pay-per-click management (PPC), email marketing, social media marketing, content and copywriting services.

Give your business the Flying Cow Design edge. Find out how we can transform your business today!

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