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manufacturing-website-design Manufacturing Website DesignManufacturing businesses are quite different from most other consumer-facing companies. Their websites need to be different too. The audiences they cater to are different, the information they seek is usually more in-depth and technical. The primary challenge of designing a manufacturing website is to present rather complex content in an engaging and appealing layout, with navigation that is intuitive with features that provide value to visitors.

To attract and engage with a potential customer, a manufacturer’s website –needs to be comprehensive in terms on product information, facts and figures, service capabilities, demos, FAQs, data-sheets, technical whitepapers and more.

Designing a successful manufacturing site needs much more than appropriate colors, fonts, appealing graphic design and easy to navigate layout. The website personality needs to stand apart from the competition; the technical information needs presented in an easy-to-digest visual form through videos, interactive elements, and demos.

To do this effectively and deliver a truly delightful user experience it is important for a web designer to have a good understanding of the nuances of the industry, the typical buyer journey, the target audience behavior and expectations.

industrial-website-design-300x200 Manufacturing Website DesignHow we help you stand out from your competitors

With so many manufacturing companies in the industry, it can be challenging to stand out from the competition. For this reason, it is vital to ensure your manufacturing website is memorable from the first click. You need professional graphic design services to create and strategically implement images and backgrounds that will grab your visitor’s attention. If you are using a conventional website template, you can be sure another company will eventually look similar to yours, if they are not already.

A manufacturer’s website needs to be an extension of the brand in the real world. Being consistent in brand personality, tone and design across media helps you build a brand identity, recall, and retention over time. This helps you stand apart from other manufacturers.

Our experience and expertise across brand identity, web and graphic design helps us deliver consistent brand experiences for all our clients’ websites.

Our team of designers and writers are capable of developing designs that align with your brand in the real world, making the website an extension of your brand online.

There is a clutter of cookie-cutter B2B websites that are a little more than an online brochure for the company. To stand apart, you need to make your products and services stand apart.

This can call for custom development of features like product demos, interactive process diagrams and more.

While B2B mobile apps are not common, if an app can add value to your business and customers, we can develop custom mobile applications across iOS and Android platforms.

Most B2B company websites make a common communication mistake. Most of the content, design and navigation on manufacturing websites is centered around the products and services offered by the company.

Most websites do not address the needs of their prospective customers or design their websites around what their customers need. To succeed, B2B websites need to invest in customer-centric content like blog posts, in-depth articles, white papers, ebooks, product videos and demos, etc.

All our websites are designed around the target audience’s needs. From website architecture and navigation to content and layout, we believe in developing customer-centric websites that help our clients maximize the business potential of their sites.

All businesses need a professional search engine optimization (SEO) team to ensure search engine rankings are reaching their potential. Businesses in the manufacturing industry require special SEO services to make your website stand apart and land in the top rankings of major search engines. All our websites are search friendly and SEO compliant with features like:

  • Secure browsing using the HTTPS protocol

  • Mobile-friendly responsive web design

  • Keyword-driven internal linking structure

  • Relevant schema markups

  • Gated and non-gated content capabilities

  • Better-than-class data-driven content

  • Analytics integration for effective lead capture and tracking

  • CRM and ERP integration

The internet is a great leveler. When someone lands on your website, they do not know whether you are a small business or an enterprise. Effective online marketing can make a small business website appear like that of a large company, improving the chances of a visitors converting into leads. Our range of online marketing capabilities include:

  • Copywriting and content creation

  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing

  • Local SEO

  • Social media marketing – both paid and organic

  • App store optimization

  • Pay-per-click management (PPC)

  • Account-based marketing

  • Retargeting

  • Email marketing

Flying Cow Design is more than just a web design company. We are an end-to-end web presence management company that caters to all the online and marketing needs of our clients including:

  • Brand identity and logo design

  • Corporate stationery and marketing material design

  • Website design and development

  • Custom mobile and web application design and development

  • Website security and maintenance

  • Online marketing

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