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You can be the world’s most sought-after architect but if your websitearchitect-pic Architect Web Design design doesn’t exhibit your talent, you will never be taken seriously as an architect. When you hire a web design company that specializes in architect web design, your visitors will see you as a reputable competitor within the architecture industry. A major benefit of having a professional architect website is that you can market your business a lot quicker and more cost-effectively.

Top 6 Architect Web Design Usability Tips

1. Let Your Website Support Your Brand

An architect’s website needs to support and build the architect’s brand. Why is this so important for an architect’s website? When you have a strong brand people will think of you when they are ready to hire an architect.

2. Create a Tagline

From the moment your visitor enters your website, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. Developing a creative tagline will represent your website’s mission and philosophy. It should clearly define your architecture business in one phrase. If you don’t have a clear tagline, your visitors won’t stay long on your website.

3. Keep a Consistent Navigation System

There is nothing more frustrating for a visitor than browsing through a website that has a confusing navigation system. An architect’s web design should have a navigation system that’s consistent on every web page. The last thing you want to do is confuse your web users with links appearing and disappearing out of the blue.

4. A Logo Should Link to the Home Page

There are certain things that your web users will expect to see on your website. For example, make sure your logo links directly to your home page. Many visitors will automatically click onto a logo to enter the home page when navigating through a website.

5. Keep Colors & Typefaces Consistent

Make sure you select fonts and colors carefully by keeping them consistent all throughout your website. There is nothing more aggravating than clicking on a link on a site you’re browsing and wonder if you’ve left the website.

6. Build Scannable Web Pages

If you want to gain your web visitors’ loyalty and keep them on your web page, you must provide them with easy to read web pages. Recent studies have proven that the majority of web users do not read web content word for word. A typical web user will scan a page. It’s important that you provide your visitors with scannable text that includes bold titles, sub-headings, bulleted lists and crisp images. Hiring a professional web designer that specializes in architect web design will create a website that includes these important elements.

architect-pic1 Architect Web DesignFinding a good architect web design company for your web design project doesn’t have to be a hassle. Flying Cow Design provides a variety of web design services tailor made for architects to enhance your architecture business. Our services include:

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