Web design services for architects’ websites

Web Design Services for Architects

An architect’s web design needs to exude class and expertise in architecture

architect-web-design-services Web Design Services for ArchitectsYou can be the world’s most sought-after architect. However, if your website design does not exhibit your talent, knowledge and capabilities, you will never be taken seriously as an architect by the visitors to your website.

When you hire a web design company that specializes in web design for architects, the website you get will align with what your target audience expects on an architect’s website. As a result, your visitors are more likely to see you as a reputable architect and are more likely to engage with you. A major benefit of having a professional architect website is being able to market your business quicker and more cost-effectively in the competitive architecture industry.



Why does an architect need good website design?

Your website design is the same as the project you are designing or building. An impression. What customers and clients take from the first impression is how they will perceive the work you are likely to do for them. How you project yourself through your website, advertising and on your social media channels creates your potential customers’ perception about your services. You want to attract and engage with them, and the first step in that direction is a custom website designed around what your target audience expects in an architect’s website.

What is expected from an
architect’s website?

Visual persona: Architecture is a highly visual industry. It stands to reason then that an architect’s website is expected to be visual reflecting the design personality of the architect or architectural firm. Using architectural motifs and design elements in your site template can create a visual association with architecture. Tasteful execution of images, icons, motifs and other visual elements can help you create the right persona for your website.

Website architecture: Just like the architecture of a building impacts its usability, its design and architecture determines the user experience on a website. Your site’s information architecture should make it easy for visitors to navigate the website and should prioritize the elements that visitors are most likely to expect.

Services provided: The services provided are the mainstay of your website. If possible, don’t bury them under a “services” menu. Try and list all your main services as main navigation links. That way, regardless of what page a visitor is on, they will know the main service categories at a glance. They will not have to go to the services menu to find out whether or not you provide interior design, landscape design and other related services.

Testimonials: Get satisfied past customers to provide testimonials. A future client may or may not be aware of your reputation in the industry. If possible, get video testimonials and record them at the site of past projects to add credibility and a human touch. Testimonials can influence a visitors decision about contacting you about your services.

Portfolio: Often the most visited section of an architect’s website, the portfolio of past projects informs a prospective customer about your past projects and accomplishments. It paints a picture of your capabilities. A portfolio is more than just a set of images from your past projects. Try and create an interactive experience where visitors can filter your portfolio based on their needs (kitchen remodeling, landscape architecture), locations, type (office, residential, retail) and more. The easier you make it for your visitor to find what they want, the better the user experience and likelihood of converting visitors into inquiries.

Professional web design

Professional web designers recognize that there is more to professional website design than just visual appeal. All our projects take the following requirements into consideration:

  • Client engagement – When your website is designed with a layout that is easy to navigate, your clients will have a deeper understanding of what you do and how to reach out to you. An engaging design is a combination of interactive elements like calculators and virtual layout designers; graphic design that exudes class and capability; and content that resonates with your target audiences, impresses them and encourages them to share it on social media.
  • Security – in a world of growing cyber-crime, all websites are expected to provide a secure browsing experience. Search engines promote secure sites, and a professionally designed website provides its users this basic courtesy.
  • Search friendliness – A website needs found by those searching for your services. Search engine friendly content, architecture and design are essential if you are looking for leads and inquiries from your website. Equally important is local optimization to maximize the visibility of your website in the cities where you have a presence.
  • Credibility – Your customers would not entrust their architectural design needs to an amateur. Your credibility as an architect will influence their decision to contact you. Similarly, you should not entrust the design of your architecture website to an amateur.

As a web design firm, we take pride in our investment in understanding your target customers, market and competition to develop a solution that’s better than class and works to maximize your business potential.

Why work with Flying Cow

Flying Cow Design is more than a web design studio. We are an end-to-end web presence management company with a strong understanding of design and online marketing. Our range of capabilities and services include:

  • Brand identity design including logo design, user interface design and graphic design for a range of marketing collaterals – both printed and digital.
  • Domain registration and hosting services including SSL certificates and other website security services.
  • Web design and development services including custom web application development, website maintenance, back-ups and performance optimization.
  • A range of design capabilities including Flash design, 2D/3D animation, software demos, CD-ROM videos, video production, custom and interactive photo galleries and portfolios.
  • Content creation services including content for marketing landing pages, online advertising, blog posts, articles, whitepapers, case studies and more.
  • Online marketing services including pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), local optimization, email marketing and more.

Even if you are only looking for your next website today, we have the capabilities to meet all your marketing needs as they may arise in the future.

architecture-website-design-300x213 Web Design Services for ArchitectsFinding a good architect web design company for your web design project does not have to be a hassle. Flying Cow Design provides a variety of web design services tailor made for architects to enhance your architecture business.

We take pride in our work, our web design process, focus on customer success and customer servicing standards. As a multi-location, multi-service agency with a rich experience in developing architecture portfolio websites, we are fully capable to service architects and architectural firms irrespective of their size, location or budgets. No project is too small or too complex for us.

Find out how partnering with Flying Cow Design can help you transform your business.

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