Small Business Web Design

Small Business Web Design

small-business-web-design-300x200 Small Business Web DesignYour website is the focal point of your marketing, branding and online sales efforts for your small business. Visitors may come to your website for any reason, and it is up to you to convert them into customers.

You will be constantly pulled in many directions and have long lists of tasks to take care of as a small business owner. Your website needs to be a tool that SAVES you money and time and does not simply drain the limited resources at your disposal.

It is therefore vital to your business to make sure that your website:

  • Has a professional look and feel to ensure your customers’ first experience is positive and reinforcing.
  • Does not frustrate or lose customers due to poor design or poor user experience.
  • Functions as it is supposed to without bugs, errors or pop
  • Caters to all small business customers, including ‘mobile’.
  • Distinguishes you from your competitors, with a unique design.
  • Is able to grow as you grow your business.
  • Has Search Engine Optimization built-in.
  • Has Social Media Integration built in
  • Has professional copy/content on each page.
  • Understands your target markets needs: This means if your target market is for the elderly, having larger fonts and higher contrasting colors. If your target audience is young, being colorful with vibrant You must identify who your customers are so that your website can fulfill their needs.
  • Has a clear ‘Call to Action’: You don’t want visitors looking around and hunting for what to do next. Once they visit a page on your site, their next step should be obvious.

    • Do you want them to buy your product?
    • Do you want them to contact you?
    • Or, do you want them to subscribe to your business newsletter?

Having a clear call to action button that is visible on the page will prompt your visitors to take some sort of action before they leave the site

Make sure your website looks professional and performs well. You want your visitors to be delivered as quickly as possible to what they want without any distractions so that they can become customers!

Don’t go cheap while designing your site but remember that expensive is not always better. Make sure you don’t waste your entire budget on a website thinking the more you pay the better it will be. There is a sweet spot between cheap and expensive and that is called value.

Contact Flying Cow Design today to see what value we can provide for your small business, and lean on our expertise to become a success on the web.

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