Database Catalog Systems

Database Catalog Systems

database-catalog-systems-300x225 Database Catalog SystemsA Blessing for Online Business

Having a well-designed website is great; however, if you don’t integrate behind-the-scenes functionality, it will stunt the growth of your business. A business that’s unable to provide their clients with a seamless online shopping experience will eventually lose business to their competition.

There’s no debating the issue, launching a business on the web and building an online reputation can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to managing products on the Internet. Competing against other related companies within your industry that are already established on the web can be challenging for anyone — regardless of how small or large a business may be. With the emergence of ecommerce and several online solutions such asCatalog Systems, a company can quickly gain an advantage over the competition.

What Are Catalog Systems?

Catalog systems allow you to provide your users with a smooth online shopping experience. A Catalog System is basically a web application that allows you to display your products to your target audience online in a more efficient and effective manner. A web design firm like Flying Cow Designs can create a custom designed website with a customizable catalog system. Having a catalog system offers a host of benefits. For one, it automatically gives you control over your own web interface and allows you to frequently update and develop your online inventory. You can display unlimited products to your shoppers. This is impossible to accomplish without catalog systems.

With catalog systems, you can keep your website fresh by updating product information, product images pricing and many more details as often as you like. It enables you to have store hosting 24 hours a day and 7 days a week without interruption. It also provides 24 hour web administration access from anywhere, just as long as you have internet access. So that means, your employees can easily add and edit the content of each product item within your store inventory as needed.

Features of Catalog Systems

Catalog systems also provide you with customizable pricing and several product alternatives. You can even accept coupons and customize them to as per your liking. This powerful web solution provides you with real-time order tracking and customizable shipping calculation. Here are a few more features catalog systems provide website owners:

  • Complete control of online store through any web browser
  • Simple product browsing through main and sub categories
  • SSL secured order processing
  • Data backup for added security
  • Easy web administration
  • Virtual shopping cart
  • Real-time shipping
  • Real-time credit
  • Easy tax calculation
  • Product search engine
  • Product groupings for simple product promotions
  • Related products exhibited for the shopper with a single click
  • Multiple packages within an order easily traceable
  • Simple web-based product adding/editing
  • Automated inventory control
  • Automated email order confirmation
  • Real time recalculation of product price

Catalog systems are designed to make your business more profitable and it allows you to keep track of your online store a lot easier. Most of all, it is designed to give users a smooth online shopping experience.

The bottom line is, get your clients to your website, impress them with your web design, make purchase easy and make them want to come back. Once you have a catalog system integrated into your website it will automatically improve your overall web presence.

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