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Whether it is a newspaper advertisement, brochure, website,  or an online ad, quality content writing is consistently needed for businesses to succeed in the modern competitive world. Writing services range from as low as $5 per blog post offered by content mills to over $500 per page from professionals.

Difference between cheap content and content from Flying Cow Design

quality-content-300x199 Professional Writing ServicesEvery piece of content needs to serve a purpose. Whether it is quick attention-grabbing advertising copy or a comprehensive whitepaper, there is a story behind every piece of communication. A professional writer needs first to understand the story you want to tell to your target audience. Moreover, ultimately realize who the target audience is. Only then can a writer create compelling content that is better than class, connects with the target audience, engages them and delivers the results you expect.

However cheap the content may be, if it does not produce the desired results, it is too expensive. On the other hand, content that performs is worth every penny. At Flying Cow Design, we recognize that our clients need the content to deliver business value.

Here are the three fundamental elements that separate our content from others.


The team of writers and editors at Flying Cow Design have decades of experience between them, across different media and diverse forms of content creation – from ad copywriting to web content, white papers and ebooks to blog content. Our team includes:

  • Writers specialized in different types of writing including website content, ad copywriting, email copywriting, landing page copy, SEO content, social media, blogs, in-depth articles, whitepapers, ebooks, video content, content for infographics, and more
  • A team of experienced editors, sub-editors, and proofreaders who ensure that our clients get content that measures to international editorial standards.
  • A number of our content team members are online marketing professionals and content strategists who have experience in SEO writing, PPC ads, email content and press releases.


Our content creation process has evolved over the decades into a business-focused, time-tested process that consistently delivers results. We call it “DRIVE.”


During the DISCOVER phase, we invest considerable time and effort in understanding your business, the competition and the target audience and the market expectations and the optimal needs of the marketing channel for which the content is created. We believe that this investment is critical to consistently delivering ROI-positive relevant content to our clients.


Extensive research backs every piece of content. We use proprietary data-driven technologies that analyze the breadth and depth of content created by your competition. This helps us create high quality and unique content that is better than class and exhaustive in topical coverage.


Innovation can be a subjective term, but we believe it can be quantified based on the results it achieves. Armed with the intelligence gathered through the DISCOVER and RESEARCH phases, our writers can create content that is unique, aligned with the needs of the content marketing channel and the expected results. Our team then identifies the unique slant that would make your content stand out.


Innovation by itself is meaningless unless it adds value to the content marketing objective. Each content writer works with editors and marketing professionals to validate the adaptability of the content to different forms of application. This is the phase when the content strategy is converted into drafts for the editorial team. Our team of writers is experienced in delivering seamlessly integrated high-quality content across different channels including:

  • Website content for marketing landing pages
  • Content marketing and SEO content that balances reader delight with search engine friendliness
  • Press releases that are news-worthy
  • Social media content that is engaging and share-friendly
  • In-depth ebook and white paper content
  • PPC ad copy and landing page copywriting
  • Email content for transactional, nurture and acquisition focused email campaigns
  • Scripts for slide-shows and videos
  • Custom content for infographics
  • Social media friendly and SEO-compliant blog post and in-depth articles

The end result is consistent brand and messaging experience across all content marketing touch-points. This maximizes results from our clients’ customer acquisition efforts and boosts their brand awareness and recall.


The final phase of our process is where raw content is sculpted by our team of editors — working alongside the content writer — into final web content aimed at the target audience. Our editors are experienced in search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising (PPC) and email marketing. This ensures domain expertise from experts who understand what would or would not work for a given marketing channel. Our team of writers, editors, and marketing professionals work in collaboration ensuring consistency and alignment with the marketing goals and objectives.


At the end of the day, our content creation process and the work from our team delivers a positive ROI and business growth for our clients. Our entire team is focused on achieving these results. We believe in a testing culture and are continually testing, iterating and fine-tuning the content quality towards higher conversions and better ROI.

While high-quality custom content can be expensive, we continuously strive to make sure that our content writing services come at an affordable price to maximize our clients’ profitability.

More than just content writing services

write-to-us Professional Writing ServicesFrom content strategy to execution, we have the team and skills to deliver unique content that delivers results consistently. All our content passes Copy space, is search engine friendly and created to high-quality standards. However, the true value of partnering with Flying Cow Design is in our experience in growing the web presence for our clients.

We are a one-stop-shop for all your online marketing needs including:

  • Brand identity and logo design
  • Graphic design for corporate stationery and printed marketing materials
  • Domain name registration and web hosting
  • Custom web design and development
  • Web and mobile application development
  • Website security and maintenance
  • Online marketing including SEO and content marketing, PPC, email marketing
  • We take pride in our culture, client satisfaction and quality of service over quantity of online content produced

So why settle for the cheapest content when you can get the best, not just in content writing services but end-to-end web presence management.

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