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Emails can be among of the most cost-effective ways for any business to connect with existing and prospective customers. Itis one of the oldest online marketing channels that is still going strong. Research shows, a message is five times more likely to be seen through email than on social media like Facebook or Twitter. Even though there’s a proliferation of alternative marketing channels, the importance of email marketing has only grown. The reason is simple. It just works.

Email Marketing for Every Business

Emails for Customer Retention

customer-retention Email Marketing ServicesWhether you are a B2B or a B2C business, emails are a powerful way to connect and engage with existing customers. Email marketing is effective for educating customers about new developments, product offers, discounts, etc. Not connecting with potential clients can result in losing customers to the competition. Whether it is email newsletters, subscriptions or opt-in emails, we can help you effectively use email marketing to maximize the results from your customer retention efforts.


Email Marketing for Customer Acquisition

customer-acquisition Email Marketing ServicesPotential customers are bombarded with information and marketing messages on almost every website, search engine and social media channel they visit. This can often be a tendency to tune out messages online. However, their email inbox is a place where people have the best attention. Reaching potential customers in their inbox effectively can help you attract customers in the most cost-effective way. We can help your customer acquisition efforts through email marketing.


customer-identification Email Marketing Services

Customer Identification

  • Customer persona identification
  • Database selection
  • Database segmentation

marketing-automation Email Marketing Services

Marketing Automation

  • Email solution selection
  • Software integration and automation

campaign-management Email Marketing Services

Campaign Management

  • Creating the email campaign lifecycle
  • Email campaign design
  • Targeted email message in

data-driven Email Marketing Services

Data Driven

  • Analytics integration
  • Testing and Optimization

customer-identification Email Marketing Services

Our proven email marketing process and workflow begins at identifying the purpose and target audience for the email campaign. We can help you develop customer personas, select and segment existing or potential customer email lists based on the identified personas.

marketing-automation Email Marketing Services

We also help identify your marketing needs and determine the best email marketing software based on budgets, campaign complexities and integrations required. We can help integrate the email marketing software with your website, CRM, analytics and more.

campaign-management Email Marketing Services

We help you time and launch your email marketing campaigns based on geography, personas, time of day, etc. We can manage all your email campaigns including messaging, design and execution — whether they are aimed at customer retention or customer acquisition.

data-driven Email Marketing Services

Our data-driven approach ensures seamless analytics integration, tracking of every email and ensuringthe maximum reach from every email in every campaign. Our process-driven approach helps you reach more customers, provide more visibility, and maximize click-throughs through continuous testing and campaign refinement.

email-marketing-features Email Marketing ServicesKey features of all our email campaigns

Custom email marketing strategy: We work with every client to develop email marketing strategies tailored to the business needs, goals and objectives.

Account management:An account manager is assigned to every client or campaign, depending on the need, to act as your email marketing specialist.

Choice of email service providers: We work with a broad range of email service providers including Ballistic Domains Email Marketing, iContact, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Campaigner, GetResponse, AWeber, Pinpointe, Benchmark Email, VerticalResponse, Mad Mimi. We can also work with your existing email solution.

Customizable email templates: We set up customizable email templates giving you the power to make changes and refinements based on the needs of emails you send yourself. This means you do not need to create support tickets for every change you wish to make.

Responsive emails: All our emails are responsive and optimized from cross-platform compatibility and effective rendering across devices.

Email deliverability optimization: We work with email service providers and adopt the industry standard best practices of email marketing to ensure and optimize email deliverability.

Campaign tracking and analytics: Campaign tracking and analytics integration ensures data-driven decision making and refinement of email campaigns.

Transparency: Complete transparency in everything we do from strategy to reporting gives you full visibility into your email marketing campaigns.

Let us help you with your email marketing program

With a proven track record across industries, our email marketing services are tailored to the needs of a wide range of businesses – from SMB to enterprise, from B2B to B2C. We can help you get the most from your email marketing campaign; whatever your business objectives — sales, subscribers, followers or retention. Our marketing automation expertise and experience across marketing channels gives you a marketing partner who understands not just e-mail marketing but the nuances of multi-channel marketing campaigns. Write or call us today and let us help you get the most from your email marketing efforts.

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