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PowerPoint Design Services

powerpoint-presentation-design-services-300x225 PowerPoint Design ServicesPresentations are a common element for most businesses. However, few companies recognize the impact of the presentation design and template on extending your branding and creating a positive impression on your target audience.

What does it take to have an excellent PowerPoint presentation? Design and content are the two elements that matter. Simple as that. However, it is not so simple when you are crunched for time or when you need to achieve a consistent personality for presentations across your organization.



PowerPoint presentations can be done for many reasons

  • Sales and marketing presentations
  • Pitch Decks
  • Training and onboarding material
  • Keynote presentations
  • Corporate collateral
  • Product Pitches

You know what you want to deliver to your audience, it is just getting that message to them in the quickest amount of time in a visually appealing way that’s consistent with your brand personality.

Essentials of effective PowerPoint

PowerPoint presentations are all about effective communication. Blending branding, visuals and content together creates a presentation that is both captivating and informative from start to finish.

You will need content that is direct and gets straight to the point. Keeping the content simplified ensures you are not confusing your audience or taking up more time than necessary. The visuals you choose need to reflect the message you are trying to deliver as well as make your brand stand out.  Your audience will process the information you are trying to convey a lot faster with good visuals. They will also retain that information longer.

Hiring Professional PowerPoint Design

So why do you need a professional? Because they have all the services you need under one roof. Graphic design experts, content and SEO experts; everything you need to build a successful PowerPoint presentation.

At Flying Cow Design, our team of experts will sit with you and get an understanding of what you want to present to your audience. Once we have that, we will create a PowerPoint design that reflects your business standards and values. You can either give us the content or we can supply the design work for you to plug in your presentation content.

We will help you decide how many PowerPoint slides are necessary, where you can slim down information, or even add more slides, if necessary.

You can choose one of our PowerPoint template designs or our graphic design team will create one from scratch for you. You have full control over the design process.

Once you approve the final presentation design, we give you full access to view your PowerPoint online or we will send the files, so you can keep them in your database.

Our presentation design process

onboarding PowerPoint Design Services


first-draft PowerPoint Design Services

First Draft

revisions PowerPoint Design Services


finished-presentation PowerPoint Design Services

Finished Project

We begin by having a Project Manager and PowerPoint designer call you to discuss your vision and presentation needs. Whether you need business presentation templates or PPT presentation, we will define the need and deliverables.We understand that turn-around-time is an important consideration. Your first draft will be sent to you for design approval within 24 – 48 hours. Depending on your needs, this could include development of multiple presentation templates.You will be updated daily on your presentation status, and you can give us necessary feedback on the content, use of SmartArt graphics, slide designs, graphics, etc., during this time.After your approval, we send you your custom PowerPoint presentation if we added your content for your presentation template, so you can insert your content.

Call Flying Cow Design today to know more about our PowerPoint presentation design services. Regardless of your business needs, we have the right options for you.

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