Information Card Design

Information Card Design

information-card-300x300 Information Card DesignSometimes the newest form of advertising is the oldest. What does that mean?

With so much attention focused on online advertising, inbound marketing, social media, analytics, click through metrics, yada, yada, the ‘old school’ methods can get overlooked and forgotten about. One such method of putting your word out and being remembered is by using an informational card like a compact brochure in a large postcard style format.

Information cards can be;

  • handed out at events
  • are more portable and can be slipped into wallets or purses more easily
  • act as a mini brochure to promote your event or business
  • can create interest by advertising special offers or discounts
  • can act as a tease to find out more about you and your services

It is very important for your informational card to be professionally designed with attention grabbing content. Whether the card is created for niche applications, to give out at book signings, to slip into trade magazines or whether it will be passed out at conventions, a professionally designed informational card will not only get the people’s attention but the professional look and feel of the card will also convince people to take you and your business seriously.

Flying Cow Design can work with you in creating an informational card that suits your personality and fits your business needs. Our team of professional designers will interact with you, get an understanding of what your business is and only then create an informational card that not only aligns with your business’s values and ideologies but also attracts your audience’s attention.

Call or email Flying Cow Design for all your informational card design needs.

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