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logo-design-services-300x199 Logo Design ServicesMany business owners first launch their business and then think about creating a company logo only when they realize how important it is to have a logo. Even then, they either purchase high-tech graphic design software to create their own logo or buy a pre-designed logo.

This is where many business owners go wrong. Just grabbing hold of any logo — just to have a logo — without considering your brand image is not the smartest solution. The value of a company’s goods and services are measured by what they are wrapped in. In other words, consumers will judge the value of your business by your brand.

So, let’s say that you own a financial services company. Your consumers will not only judge your business on the banking products that you offer, they will also judge you on your brand. You can offer the best financial services since Reagan was in office but if your logo design doesn’t mesh with your brand image, they may have second thoughts about doing business with you. So, if your local competition has a well-designed logo, they will more likely choose their service over yours.

Consumers are very prejudiced when it comes to comparison shopping. Sure, they want quality service and an excellent product — they also want it to be wrapped in a nice package.

Reasons to invest in a professional logo designer:


Every business is unique – in personality, values, style and more. Every time your customers engage with your business, they build a perception about your brand. A company or business logo should create a positive corporate identity that reinforces your unique business value.


Building trust with your customers is an ongoing process. You want to make sure that every experience with your brand goes towards building trust. Using an “out of the box” logo does not help with building trust with your customers.


You want your target customers to remember your business and brand. Having a logo that combines a memorable design with your brand values helps build this recall.


Customers are loyal to brands that they can identify with. People usually remember businesses by their logos and a professionally designed logo can go a long way in building customer loyalty.

Commissioning a logo designer or professional logo design company to develop a custom logo design ensures a logo that reflects your business personality aligns with your brand positioning and gives your brand the best chance of connecting with your target audience.

Our Custom Logo Design Process

logo-design-process Logo Design Services

The Creative Brief

At the start of a logo design project, we try and answer the following questions in discussions with you


  • Who are you? What’s your business personality
  • Who is your target audience?


  • Why does your business exist? (the unique value proposition)
  • Why should your target audience choose you over your competition?


  • How does your business benefit your audience?
  • How do you want your audience to perceive your business?

Competitor Study

competitor-logo-study Logo Design ServicesOur logo design process begins with a study of the logos of your business competitors and other companies broadly in a similar industry.

This not only helps us get the creative juices flowing, but it also gives us a general idea of what other businesses in your industry are doing. This helps us develop a unique brand image even before we go to the drawing board, so to speak.

Concepts and Scribbles

logo-design-concepts Logo Design ServicesOnce we have discussed the competitor landscape and developed a creative brief with our clients, we get down to the very first step in the graphic design process — developing the design concept and scribbles. The logo design team works independently, and we also have brainstorming sessions to come up with unique visual and typographic representations for your business. These become the first building blocks of the final logo we develop for our clients.

Design Options

logo-design-options Logo Design ServicesAfter we review the scribbles with you and zero in on possible design approaches, we develop the logo options for review.

These are developed concepts and a better representation of what your custom logo design will eventually look like. After a review of these design options with, we zero in on one theme or concept.


logo-design-refinements Logo Design ServicesAfter the concept is finalized, we start making design refinements – fine tuning the visual elements, color options, typography options, different visual arrangements, keeping your branding needs in mind.

What began as a bunch of concepts and scribbles emerges as finished logo options to choose from – each one uniquely representative of your business and designed to align with how you want your target audience to perceive your brand.

Final logo design

final-logo-design Logo Design ServicesThis is the penultimate stage in the emergence of your custom logo – after reviews and refinements, our designers finalize the final logo design with you.

After the logo design is finalized comes the application of the logo in different situations – from business cards and letterheads to email signatures and websites. For clients who also have a real-world application of the logo like stores, billboards, etc., we also help our clients develop a brand identity and application kit.

Other Brand Identity Services

Once you have your logo, you want to make sure all your business and marketing collateral’s are well designed and using the logo consistently.

business-card-design-logo Logo Design Services

Business Card Design

Your business card stays with a customer for a long time and is an important tool for building brand recall.

stationery-design Logo Design Services

Stationery Design

You want to make sure your letterheads and envelopes carry a positive reinforcement of your brand design.

brochure-design Logo Design Services

Brochure Design

We can help you develop brochures and other marketing collateral that project your business effectively.

website-design Logo Design Services

Website Design

Looking to take your business online? Talk to us about our scope of web design and maintenance services

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Flying Cow Design has been in the business of logo and stationery design, developing business and marketing collaterals, and creating custom websites for over two decades. We are a full-service business presence management company that not only helps businesses build brands but also to market their them online. We are comfortable working with both small businesses and large enterprises.

We take pride in our customer service standards… moreover, we are affordable!

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