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business-card-design-300x200 Business Card Design ServicesBusiness cards are far from being a thing of the past and stick around long after the first impression. Business cards are still a simple yet effective means of getting your brand in front of your customers.

Your business card should be anything but bland and should stand out from all the competition with professional design and printing.

A custom business card design will ensure your card stands out and imprints in your potential customer’s mind. It should portray your businesses identity and personality. Having a business card which reflects your website design will make it easier for customers to remember.

Your business logo should stand out but also reflect your profession. If you do not already have professionally designed logo, our logo design services can help differentiate your business from the rest.

Tips for designing custom business cards

To get a good business card for your business, follow these tips:

  1. Creating a lasting impression. Having a colorful and highly attractive business card is great, just do not overdo it. Remember, your ultimate goal is to create a business card that communicates the industry you are in and how people should contact you. Whether you hand out business cards at your place of business, a conference, seminar or a tradeshow, your prospects will probably already have a dozen cards stuffed in their wallets. Therefore, your business card must be outstanding. If it is a business card for a professional, consider including your best photo on the card, use attractive colors and a high-quality gloss card stock for printing.
  2. Make sure your font sizes are large enough and comfortable to read. The color of your text should complement the background of the business card.
  3. Slogans and tag-lines. If you have a business tagline or slogan, include it on your business card. If you do not have one already, consider creating one. A good slogan will help your new and existing clients remember the type of service you provide. This is very important if your business offers a service that is not easily recognizable from your business name.
  4. The printing makes a difference too. Make sure to print your premium business cards on quality card stock. You can spoil a great business card design if it is printed on poor quality paper. This will give your prospects the impression that they are dealing with a second-grade company. Always hire a professional full-color printing service to print your business cards.
  5. Contact information. Do not forget to include your physical location, website, and email address. Every potential client you meet will want to know this contact information.

Why Choose Flying Cow Design’s Professional Graphic Design Team

Hire a professional graphic designer to create the perfect image for your company. Flying Cow Design, a Print Design, and Web Design Company takes the print design to a whole new level. Our philosophy is, “If you want great print design, you need to talk to someone that understands print design.”

Our graphic design team is creative and always has your vision in mind. Your dream is our design. We will ensure all vital information is displayed on your card. Choosing the right business card paper and finish is necessary, we can help you decide and ensure you get a high-quality business card that extends your brand identity.

We recognize that turnaround time is essential. We offer you the flexibility to choose from one of our business card design templates or get a completely custom designed card.

Call Flying Cow Design today for your business card needs.

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