How Graphic Design Relates to Branding Services

How Graphic Design Relates to Branding Services

how-graphic-design-relates-to-branding-services How Graphic Design Relates to Branding ServicesBranding Services is the art of visual communication that combines words, ideas, and images to identify and stand out from other companies or products in a specific industry. Your brand tells your target audience who you are, what you offer, and differentiates your company from others in your industry.

A graphic designer arranges elements on various types of media (e.g., web pages, brochures, eBook covers, business cards) with graphic design software programs like InDesign, Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. These elements can include texture, color, illustrations, type, shapes, and photos. The most popular forms of graphic design include websites, logos, banner ads, product packaging, media advertisements, magazine and newspaper layouts, book designs, posters and book covers. Your graphic designer should know what your company goals are and have extensive knowledge of your specific industry. This gives them a better understanding of what your designs should entail.

While branding and graphic design go together, they are two entirely different aspects. Deciding on your brand comes way before the graphic design work begins.

Type of Graphic Design Branding

A graphic designer working in branding services should expect a more extensive design career than a typical graphic designer designing websites or brochures. Branding services often requires graphic designers to work on entire campaigns while portraying a consistent message throughout all media outlets.

The following branding campaign elements are just some of the work graphic designers create.

  • Logo design
  • Business card and letterhead design
  • Typeface, or font, design
  • Packaging
  • Writing and copywriting slogans
  • Advertising design
  • Research and marketing

How Graphic Design Fits into Branding

How your consumers see your brand will directly affect your success or failure. The graphic designer can speak to your consumers through your brand. This affects everything from consumer experience, products, and services, value and personality. Visual devices such as illustrations, logos, fonts, packaging are all used to speak to the consumer.

How Branding Strategy Affect Your Graphic Design Process

First, you must know that your brand is more than just your logo. Your brand identity is how you expect your consumers to perceive your company. This includes all brand components: name, font, logo, colors. The better appeal you have with your customers, the more successful your company can be. Your brand should stand out and be memorable to customers, so they will remember your brand and return to your company.

Branding Services and Visual Arts

What does graphic design have to do with visual arts? It involves all the items used for graphic design such as images, web generated images, paintings, and photographs. In visual arts, the graphic designer takes the design image and enhances and uses typography and other design elements to give it a fresh visual presentation.


Typography is an important part of graphic design. It involves the creative arrangement of alphanumeric characters. A graphic designer can add his or her own creativity to the characters which includes shading, texture, font, size, color and thickness. Placement is a major factor when it comes to graphic design. For example, placing characters in the far corners or in the middle tends to attract the eye of the viewer.

Page Layout

What does page layout have to do with graphic design? The page layout in a graphic design is the actual placement of all components of a web page, advertisement, banner, etc. The page layout involves a variety of elements like the text, navigation, footers, headers and other aspects of a page. The page layout is one of the most important aspects of design because of its visual value and effects. The layout a person uses can make or break a presentation. When a page layout is designed the proper way, even the most basic text and images can look captivating.

User Interface

The design should be noticed the moment it is viewed without parting from the message or theme of a page. A good graphic designer will test the user interface they have created and place themselves in the internet users’ shoes. They should be able to grasp what the average web user will experience when utilizing the user interface. Any graphical adjustments should be revised before the user interface is placed online.

Where to find a good graphic designer?

When you are looking for a graphic designer to enhance your brand image, hiring an experienced graphic designer is essential. Flying Cow Design has a team of talented graphic designers. Whether you need graphic design for your website or brochure creation, our graphic design team will take your brand image to the next level.

Visit the Logo and Branding Services FAQ section of to know more about graphic design.

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