How to Find a Logo Designer

finding-a-logo-designer-300x222 How to Find a Logo DesignerAt some point, your business will need to hire a professional designer. Whether it be a logo designer, a graphic designer, or a web designer. You need a logo design that will communicate your business vision in an eye-catching, unique and professional manner. Knowing where to look for a professional logo designer is not as hard as it may seem.

Set Expectations

First and foremost, you should already have an idea of what you want your brand identity to be and have a basic creative strategy in place. The logo designer also called a graphic designer, will help in making your vision become a reality. Not all logo designers will have experience in your business industry.

How to Find a Logo Designer

Online Design Galleries

Most logo designers will keep their portfolios displayed in an online design gallery. These galleries will help you find the right logo designer for your needs. Their portfolio will also include contact information for potential customers. Browsing design galleries let you see the work of various artists to get an idea whether their style is what you are looking for. Searching for a directory of online graphic design galleries will return search results of a wide variety of logo designers.

Freelance Logo Designers

While every freelance designer needs to start somewhere, choosing to hire an amateur, freelance logo designer could cost you more in the long run. Make sure you have the time to put into teaching them before you put in the cost of hiring them.

Choosing to hire a professional graphic designer to design your logo may seem expensive with the initial cost. However, they have the experience needed to ensure your logo matches your vision. The following are some steps to follow when sifting through numerous graphic designers.

  • Strong portfolio. You can determine from the logo designer’s portfolio if they have created logos in your industry before. Even if it is not your business industry, they could still have the means to create your vision. Ensure the logos featured in their portfolio are real logos, not just added to their portfolio to make it look good.
  • Positive testimonies. Anyone can write a review for a company, but that does not mean it is a legitimate review. Check the website attached to the testimony or even call the company and get their views on the freelancer’s work.
  • Design process. Does the freelance logo designer offer a design process? Knowing the design process used will ensure your logo is not created on a whim. Experienced logo designers will follow a process which is proven to work. Typically, a design process will be around 2-6 weeks for a small to medium-sized
  • Published work. If you are looking to hire an established logo designer that you will not have to manage, look for one with work published in magazines, books and well-known
  • Price. The price of your logo will depend on how extravagant or simple it is. Going with the cheapest logo design will ensure you are not getting the best quality work you deserve.
  • Design affiliations. This is not an essential requirement. However, if the logo designer is affiliated with a design association or publication, it could show how dedicated they are to their work or talent.
  • Business professionalism and customer service. How the logo designer treats their customers will determine how much pride they have in themselves and their work. The logo designer you choose should have strong communication skills, be trustworthy, detailed, and have good time management skills.

Classified Advertising

Placing classified ads is another option to find a logo designer. Classified ads on the internet come in a variety of forms. Some websites post direct advertising for logo designers and freelance graphic designers, much like regular newspaper ads. Online job boards are great resources to find logo designers. These types of websites allow you to see how logo designers have worked with past clients as well as the designer’s profile.

Forums geared explicitly to graphic design are another way to find logo designers. However, if you want a professional logo design that will create a brand for your business, consider hiring a graphic design team with a proven track record in logo design. Flying Cow Design has a team of graphic designers that specialize in logo design.

Word of Mouth

Sometimes the best way to find a logo designer is by direct reference. If you come across a particularly impressive logo design, it helps to ask for the name of the logo designer. Asking for their opinion of the logo designers work, customer service, and timeliness will help in your decision. In some cases, logo designers give their customers rewards or discounts for referrals.

What to Look For

Once you have learned how to find a logo designer, you need to know what to look for in choosing the best one for your business. It is important to hire a logo designer that has experience since it takes such expertise to develop the skills needed in this field fully. Ask to see real examples of their designs and for references if possible. Another tip is to be careful of designers that emphasize their rock-bottom prices; this may indicate that their work is not as professional as you would like. It is also recommended that businesses stay clear of logo designers who rush through the design process. With a little research and planning, finding a logo designer that meets all your needs is easy to accomplish.

For further information on logo design visit the Logo and Branding Services FAQ page of

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