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logo-design-prices-300x169 Logo Design PricesThe cost of doing business includes promoting the goods and services offered. In most cases, businesses have a fixed budget for advertising expenses, including logo design prices. Shopping for an affordable logo designer takes time and patience. Since every logo is different, most designers will not immediately quote fixed rate flat prices for their designs. Although this may be confusing, it is common practice. Every designer is different and charges their customers based on their own specific criterion. While exact prices may differ, there are basically a few types of logo design pricing that is commonly used by designers.

Hourly Cost

One of the most common types of logo design rates is charging by the hour for developing a logo. The experience of the designer sometimes dictates how much the customer is charged for each hour of work. Other factors include the complexity of the design and the region the designer is located in. Hourly logo design prices can also be based upon whether the work is done by the contracting company or outsourced to another country. In some areas, charging hourly is the only method of pricing offered.

Flat Rate

Some designers choose to quote a flat fee that will be due upon delivery of the design. This method is mostly used by graphic design firms. In these cases, the customer is given several design options from which to choose. Flat rate logo design pricing can range from $100 to over $5,000; depending on the agency or designer and the location of the business.

Design Packages

Some design firms quote their logo design cost in terms of pre-made packages. The packages include several versions of the same logo, such as varied resolutions and black and white imaging. In many cases this is a less expensive alternative for the customer. Commonly, the packages can be customized for an additional fee, including adding designs for business cards, stationary or other products to the package.

Design Discounts

As in many industries, logo design customers are sometimes offered discounts and rewards. It may be possible to cut the costs of your advertising budget by taking advantage of these discounts. For instance, some large design firms offer reduced prices or free upgrade options on designs to their repeat customers. Customers who bring in new business sometimes get low or reduced cost services on future orders.

Additional Information

One way to get an idea of whether you are being charged fairly for logo design is to contact the designer’s past clients. A good designer will be more than willing to provide references. Try to be patient with the designer and provide as much information about what you need as possible. This will help the designer to provide your quote in a timelier fashion.

Logos that are poorly made or images that are unoriginal or not scalable can be waste of money and hurt your business image. Remember, a logo is often the first impression people get of your business. It pays to budget a little more to your logo in order to get quality results.

For further information on Logo Design, visit the Logo and Branding Services FAQ section of flyingcowdesign.com

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