What is Branding Services?

graphic-design-300x225 What is Branding Services?Have you ever wondered exactly what is graphic design or whether it is the career for you? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, graphic design is a field that is expected to continue to grow over the next ten years due to the constant demand by many industries. If you are considering a career as a graphic artist, or just curious about what is graphic design, here is an overview of this industry.

Basically, the term graphic design refers to the creative process used to produce messages geared to particular audiences. Most often, the messages are in the form of images, lettering or a combination of both. Graphic design uses art and technology to generate a visual medium. Graphic design can be created from computer images, photographs, drawing or paintings. For instance, if a business wants to advertise itself in a unique manner apart from verbal advertisement, they would probably hire someone with knowledge about graphic design to create a visual medium to effectively communicate the company’s message. This person is known as a graphic designer.

Every day we see hundreds of examples of graphic art in use. Magazine ads, album covers, letters, packaging and posters are but a few examples of how graphic art is used to communicate a message or advertise a business or individual. Other instances include logos, movie credits, and book covers. In other words, just about any place where identification of a business or a message is being conveyed, graphic design has played a part in its creation.

A graphic designer will most often meet with the client to get an idea of what message the client wants to get across and to provide guidance about the design. To convey the desired message, graphic designers use colors, shapes, various font types and images. Graphic designers then make sketches to get an idea of the layout of the design. These sketches are sometimes made by hand, but more often a computer software is used to design the layout. Other software applications are used to add animation and other media to the design if desired.

How does knowing what graphic design is translate into a career?

Graphic design is a field that is in demand in many industries. Many graphic designers are employed by companies to design websites that incorporate interactive media. Advertising firms need graphic designers to create promotional and marketing material. Internet advertising is fast becoming one of the fastest industries where graphic designers are needed as the demand for print publishing is reducing. Graphic designers work for big corporations, design firms or independently as freelance designers.

This career requires a bachelor’s degree in graphic design in addition to training and experience. Subjects studied include studio art, website design, commercial and computer graphics and other courses designed to educate students on how to make graphic design. Graphic designers are, by nature, creative individuals with excellent problem solving skills.

So the next time you sit through a commercial or look up at a billboard while waiting for a stoplight, pay attention to how the information is designed. Most likely, the colors, fonts and images were designed by a professional graphic artist and successfully grabbed your attention just as intended.

If you’re looking for a skilled graphic design team, contact Flying Cow Design. Flying Cow Design has a team of talented graphic designers that will create or enhance your brand image.

For more information on graphic design, visit the Logo and Branding Services FAQ page of flyingcowdesign.com

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