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Utilizing web banner advertisement on your website or blog is an excellent way of motivating potential clients to purchase your products or services. Over the past few years, commercial advertising has emerged from print ads such as magazine ads, newspaper ads and flyer design to captivating online media advertisements. More so, the internet has given every business or organization a highly efficient channel to reach people all across the globe.

Therefore, with the advancements in communication technology which has culminated into increasing internet access, web banners have become powerful tools for advertisement. As a matter of fact, web banners are meant to create lasting impression on target audiences globally. The general idea behind web banner advertisement is to create an eye-catching banner ad with persuasive text that will prompt people to click through it.

However, a web banner design should not be created in such a way that it ends up annoying someone surfing the host website. The days of the early 2000s flashy banner ads with blinking text are long gone. In fact, most professionals stayed far away from those types of ads from the beginning. A web banner design says a lot about a company. Visitors will either label an ad as attractive and informative or amateurish and desperate.

The best way to avoid losing potential clients is to have a well designed banner from the very start. Website design companies like Flying Cow Design create attractive banner ads daily. There is a good explanation as to why their banner ads have very high click-through rates – they have a team of skilled designers who have years of experience in graphic design.

So, when you begin your search for a graphic design team for your banner ads, never settle for second best. Only choose a professional with experience in web banner design.

Candidly, an attractive web banner design with appropriate dimensions, colors and creative punch lines can go a long way to make a profound impact on a business organization and also increase profit through programs like Google ad sense.

Web Banner Design Basics

In creating a web banner, it’s always suggested that the design is made to suit the needs of a surfer. Hence, these few basic criteria will be of immense help when designing a web banner:

  • Punch line to attract the surfers to click on the link. Text should be short sweet and to the point.
  • Punch line and the phrase in the advertiser’s website should be the same.
  • The URL and logo of the company should be included in the banner.
  • The banner should be simple enough, so that it loads easily. When any kind of graphic design takes long to load, people will get bored and click out of it.
  • Add a ‘Click Here’ tab to enable the surfer to be able to browse the website easily. And with respect to animations, the tab should preferably be included in the last frame.
  • A phrase that connotes sense of emergency such as ‘limited offer’ will also add more value to web banners.

When the viewer clicks through the web banner, the advertiser’s website is fetched from centralized ad servers. The advertiser should verify the log files at regular intervals to check for clicks. Also, many web designers recommend options that will enable pop ups and animations to attract viewers.

Over all, web banners with appropriate information, colors and logos have become indispensable tools for visionary individuals and business organizations. It is an excellent way to help build your web presence and gain additional clients when it is created by a skilled web banner designer. Most of all, it is a cost-effective solution to help boost your revenue.

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