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Online Marketing Services

Getting the ROI you deserve...


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Online Marketing Services

Getting the ROI you deserve...

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Online Marketing Services with a Total Focus

How can our online marketing services help you?

  • You do not hunt for your customers, they hunt for you!
  • We help you pick the keywords and the customer picks you!
  • You not only sell what your customers want, but you also sell it while they are actively looking for it!

Online marketing today is the most cost effective marketing tool around. Making sure that your website is found by those who want to find it is the focus of this effort. And this is where our online marketing services come in.

In order for you to place highly in search results, your site must be optimized for the search words or phrase. Modifying your website for these search words is known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Your website may have the fanciest 'eye candy' in town, but if no-one can find it, what's the use?

In order for people to find you and your website, links to your website must be strategically placed across the internet for the prospective customers to find you and click to your website. These links drive traffic to your website. This is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

  • Citizens Climate Lobby was completely impressed and satisfied by Flying Cow Design.They were easy to work with, incredibly responsive, competent and professional.
    L. Williams

  • Flying Cow Design took my dream and made it a reality. These guys are way more than just building websites.
    A. Mastrocco

  • Flying Cow has provided CyberVAULT Services with excellent support in the design and the implementation of our website. They have been a real asset to my company.
    D. Clark

  • When it comes to online business, price is not the only consideration. To us, Flying Cow Design is more a partner than a service provider.
    A. Eiras

  • When entering the cyber world the language and options are endless and confusing, not only is Flying Cow knowledgeable but also wonderfully human in their interaction in a techno world.
    NelsonS. Nelson

  • I was so grateful to have found Flying Cow Design to create and host my website. I am extremely impressed by their service and the reasonable pricing.
    L. Helmer

  • The flash animation they put on our website is AMAZING! GREAT WORK, TRULY AMAZING!

  • Flying Cow Design goes above and beyond when they work with you. Their patience and communication with the customer and the great website that they designed for my company
    Margret Ukatu

Do this exercise to determine if you should 'bother' with our Online Marketing Services;

  • List 5 problems your products or services solve. Which of these problems are most important to your target audience?
  • List 10 terms or phrases your target audience would search for to find your products.
  • Calculate the time you spend prospecting clients and the value of that time.
  • Calculate the money you will save by letting your website do the work rather than you if you ranked well for a few of the terms you listed.

Flying Cow Design knows how to build and modify sites to be those that Search Engines love. An online marketing campaign starts with identifying your targeted search words or phrases. Our extensive keyword research and analysis means you will be going after traffic that is targeted and relevant.

Flying Cow Design offers you the best Online Marketing services with;

  • Analysis of Search Engine Keywords for Effectiveness.
  • Strategies for Customer Targeting and Acquisition
  • Increased Search Engine prominence (ranking) raising your exposure and traffic.
  • Comprehensive Traffic Analysis.
  • Websites Search Engine Optimization.
  • Search Engine Registration and Submittal.
  • Website Statistics and Search Engine Ranking Reports.
Whatever your Internet Marketing Requirements may be speak to people who under 
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