Faster Page Loads for Sites

Faster Page Loads for Sites

faster-page-loads-for-sites-300x129 Faster Page Loads for SitesDid you know that a visitor to your website decides whether to stay or go in the first 7 seconds of arriving at one of your web pages? With that in mind what happens if your web pages load so slowly that he/she doesn’t even bother for it to load and decides to click somewhere else?

You lose business!

The speed that a page loads for your visitor is more important than you may think.
It is of such importance that Google has included page load time as a ‘ranking factor’ when determining what web pages to show people and what web pages to forget about when displaying search results.

Your web page deserves to be seen!

There could be a number of reasons why your site may be running slow:

  1. The site’s code could be broken or out of date.
  2. The site could have grown out of what it was originally designed for.
  3. Database queries that once worked for a small amount of data may no longer work quickly for larger amounts of data.
  4. Your website maybe infected by malware or virii.
  5. You may have added new functions to your website that are not compatible with its core code.
  6. Inexperienced web developers may have made changes to the code that causes it to run slow.
  7. Your website has not been ‘tuned’ for mobile devices that have slower download speeds.

It’s tough enough for you to connect to your customers with all the competition, why make it even harder for people to see you due to slow page speed? Whatever the reason for the problem, a little bit of regular web maintenance can go a long way in improving your page load time and giving your customer a good user experience.

We at Flying Cow Design can help you with inputs on what can be done to improve your page load time. We can also conduct regular maintenance on your site making it one less thing on your list to remember. Contact Flying Cow Design today if you have a slow website and need help with improving your site speed.

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