Development Phase

Development Phase

development-phase-300x200 Development PhaseWeb Design Methodology: Development Phase

The development phase of our web design methodology is where good engineering meets good design. The chosen design is turned into a prototype where all usability, process flow, layout and site structure has a final walk through before actual production takes place.

Optimized Workflow

The website actually starts to show its new form when all of the carefully chosen site content starts to come together. Custom Graphics, Web Site Illustrations, Text Copy, and Navigational Elements all are carefully combined in the right sequence to form the integrity of the new web site. All components are reviewed to ensure that they conform to the platform, system, and browser standards. Our internal processes, high standards and proven methodology make sure that everything is taken care of at the right time and in the right order as efficiently as possible.

Quality Shines Through

As every detail is carefully thought out from the beginning, the end results are always impressive. As quality of effort is taken in every small detail, then the end result ‘shines’, the new web site stands apart from the competition, and clients are more than just happy, they are static.

Once the Development phase is complete, we move on to the Deployment Phase.

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