Our methodology

Our Methodology

Web Design Methodology: Discovery Phase

our-methodology-300x187 Our MethodologyThis first phase in our design methodology is all about the client. Successful web design must focus on the business needs of the client and how they relate to their customers. No-one knows your business better than you. So what we do is work closely with you to understand your needs and objectives. We gain knowledge of the core components of your business, what it does and how it works, then we ask the key question …

What are the main objectives here?

Some web designers never ask this question. We think differently. We think its the most fundamental part to our entire design methodology. If we don’t understand the purpose of the new website how are we going to build it? How are we going to measure success or failure of it? Having identified the key objectives of the website we can then brainstorm on how to achieve them.

Where is the value?

Anyone can create a website (well nearly everyone ). But the bigger question is … does it create any value for you? If your objectives are not being met by the new website whats the point? Our web design methodology addresses this. It is at this stage that we decide what technologies make sense, what creative approach would be most beneficial, and what the project timeline should look like. Its your bottom line that will be affected, and we are aware of this. That is why design that makes sense and design that adds value is so important.

When the Discovery Phase is complete, we move on to the Detail Phase.

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