Detail phase

Detail Phase

detail-phase-300x189 Detail PhaseWeb Design Methodology: Detail Phase

Information gathered from the Discovery Phase gets transformed into an organised and coherent form. It is only through analysing the detail of the data that we know how to best present it online in a streamlined and consistent manner. Our web design methodology in this phase ensures that we cover everything that is required in the new web design and highlights those things that should not be included.

Structured data organisation gives you structured web pages.

Ever been to a website where pages are confusing, the links take you all over the place, and you have to think about where to go next rather than actually going there? Those are examples of bad design methodology. Bad design affects the usability of the website. Our web design methodology makes sure that at the beginning of the project, everyone understands what is to be achieved, what the design focus should be, what will be in scope and what will not be in scope. A lot of designers gloss over the detail phase of design methodology which is a huge mistake, after all, how can you build something correctly the first time without understanding exactly what it is that you are building?

Detailed deliverables means design accountability

When the detail of what needs creating is complete, this gets translated into a list of deliverables. If you don’t have a list of deliverables from your designer, then you are allowing them an easy way out. We list what we will deliver to you. We do this because this adds value for you, as you can see what you are getting upfront with no ambiguity. It also means that we are accountable to produce these things for you. This phase of our web design methodology also benefits us, as the vision is clear, what we need to do and what we need not do is articulated, and the process is streamlined to produce the end results more quickly.

Once the Detail phase is complete, the next step is the Design Phase.

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