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Professional web presence is a necessity to establish credibility, foster client relationships and gain new customers. Developing a web site on these lines can be challenging but the real challenge lies in making it usable and user friendly. Most web designers tend to prioritize the creativity aspect over practicality and usability, leading to errors and mistakes. Therefore, you need to be aware of common web design mistakes that may impact the entire process. Making a conscious effort to avoid these errors is an important step in ensuring that your web site is attractive, user-friendly and thereby successful. Below are some of the common web design mistakes and suggestions on how these mistakes can be avoided or corrected. Lack of call to action The user’s experience with a good web site guides them on what to do, where to go and how to feel. This is referred to as ‘Call to Action’ or CTA; and gets visitors to focus on their next step. To achieve this, the web site needs to use content that describes the value of your products or services, along with compelling phrases that prompts action. It is not necessary to be creative with call to action wording. Lack of this type of clear language and content may not create a successful web site. Text is not legible Usually a lot of work goes into writing the right text for the web site but if it is not legible it is detrimental. There are several factors that make web site text difficult to read. It can be poor contrast between the text color, the background, tiny font size, usage of multiple fonts that confuses and tires the readers (recommended usage is 1-2 fonts per page) or cramping too many words on a single page. It is also important to use distinctly different font sizes for the headings, sub-headings and text. This makes the pages’ scan-friendly and the content easier to digest. Having very little difference between heading and text font size can make it look very text-heavy and difficult to read. Avoid these text pitfalls and ensure the text is neat and legible. As more and more people start consuming web content on mobile phones and tablets, how legible the text is on various devices becomes increasingly important. Style is not coherent The design of the web site needs to have a comprehensive message, style and overall coherence. A ‘mix-and-match’ design …

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