Web Page Updates

Web Page Updates

web-page-updates Web Page Updates

After many years of being in business, your web page content may become out of date or no longer valid. Sometimes old promotions can still be seen and that can lead to a bad customer experience if they try using them and find that they are no longer available. Also, if you have a following on Social Media, people expect to see updates and new information posted. Your customers will see no point in following you if you don’t keep updating your web pages.

Information on today’s newspaper is more interesting and valuable than the information on last month’s newspaper. Like a newspaper, the content on your web pages is more relevant and valued more highly if it is fresh and up to date rather than old and stale. Having fresh content will not only bring back people to your website time and again, but will also show search engines that you have an active website. Not only content, making changes to other aspects of your site like the navigation structure, updating your site regularly and having a web maintenance plan will also tell search engines that things are always changing in your organization and you have not gone out of business.

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