Spam Removal Services

Spam Removal Services

spam-removal-300x200 Spam Removal ServicesSpam has become a pain point for many website owners all over the world. If left unchecked, it can ruin your online presence and in turn business. As such, it is VERY important for you to monitor your website and remove any spam or malware from it as soon as you find it. Not doing so can have dire consequences like:

  1. Your website may not function correctly and you will lose sales.
  2. Certain kinds of malware may try and download itself to your customer’s computers. Infecting your customers’ computers is not good for business.
  3. Having a website with spam and malware all over it will make you lose credibility in the eyes of your customers.
  4. Your website may get blacklisted by Google.
  5. Your website may get blacklisted by Facebook.
  6. Your email address may also get affected by the spam and malware on your site if it shares the same domain. If this happens, your customers may not receive any emails from you.

If you think you are affected by spam or want to avoid spam by conducting regular checks on your site, contact Flying Cow Design. Our team of experts can:

  1. Review your website to see if it has been infected with spam and malware.
  2. Perform website maintenance and remove the code that caused the spam.
  3. Advise on options of how to update the code to stop it happening in the future.
  4. Use Google Webmaster Tools to remove your website from Google’s spam list.
  5. Use the Facebook Website Debugger to identify spam and malware issues with your website and unblock it.

Contact Flying Cow Design and protect your site from spam and malware today!

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