Image Formatting Services

Image Formatting Services

image-formatting-300x180 Image Formatting ServicesWebsite images are very different to the images used in print or taken directly from your digital camera.

  • Website images are best optimized for image compression, they can be made transparent, are raster, usually displayed in 72 dpi, and use one of the following file formats: GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPEG-XR, and WebP.
  • Images for print or photos on your camera are usually 800 dpi, are a lot larger in size and the emphasis is placed on quality. File types can be different from those used for web like RAW file formats.

So why is this important to know?

Images have now become important aspects of websites. Studies have shown that pages that have an image draw more attention from visitors than pages without any. As a result, it becomes more and more important that the image that is put on the site is well formatted and optimized. Not formatting the images on the site and ignoring optimizing them can result in any one or all of the following problems:

  1. Large files and badly optimized images will slow the page down from being loaded into the browser resulting in the visitor leaving your site.
  2. Large images may not get displayed on a desktop monitor.
  3. Large images may not load properly on a mobile device.
  4. If an image file type is not correct for the web, you may not be able to show the image in different sizes affecting the design of your web page.
  5. In extreme cases, too large an image may crash an entire site due to the web server timing out.

Here is a small glimpse into image formatting for you:

Q: Are you are trying to get the most out of a photo or other digital image?
A: The best format to use is JPEG and adjust quality settings).

Q: Do you need a high resolution image to show a lot of detail?
A: The best format to use is PNG.

Q: Do you need any web animation in your image?

A: The GIF file format is the only format that you can use (but you are restricted to using only 256 colors by definition).

These were just a few things that go into image formatting and optimization.

Whether your images are vector or raster, for print or the web, Flying Cow Design can advise you on the best type of image to use and make sure that your images will not come in the way of your site’s performance.

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