Additional Features for Websites

Additional Features for Websites

additional-features-for-websites Additional Features for WebsitesWith an explosion of B2B, B2C and e-commerce sites, every site is vying for attention and trying to impress visitors. Your website needs to be updated consistently with the latest technologies, features, and content to stay in competition within your industry, to stand out.

There are additional features that you could add to your website to make it more interactive, engaging and relevant. Adding the right custom features could ensure that your visitors have a good user experience. The better the user experience, the better the chance they will want to come back to your site. There are many features you can add to save you time and money; the possibilities are endless.


Possible additional features to evaluate

Features for all
website types

All types of websites can benefit from these typical additional features.

  • Custom Search Function – Custom site search helps your visitors find and search for specific terms to save time sifting through all the content on your site.
  • Blog – A well-written and frequently updated blog keeps your customers up-to-date and informs them of what your business is A blog keeps you connected to your audience and gives you an avenue to engage with the right audience through thought-leadership content.
  • Email Subscription – Visitors can choose to sign up straight from your website for emails about new products and services.
  • Email Marketing – Integrating email marketing capabilities into your website allows you to nurture interested visitors through drip campaigns and sending them more information to their email addresses automatically.
  • Social Share – Customers who are pleased with your content or services will want to share your page with friends who will also benefit.
  • Polls and Surveys – Stay current with your customer’s thoughts and suggestions through polls and surveys designed to target specific visitors based on IP, demographics, past visits and more.
  • Dynamic FAQs – Keeps your lists of FAQs shorter by displaying the answer only when the question is clicked on.
  • Discussion Forums – Allows your customers to engage in conversation with each other.
  • Multi-lingual Options – Page display in your customer’s fluent language.
  • User’s Login – Certain users or VIP customers will have access to pages not accessible to public view.

Social media features

Social networks have emerged as the modern-day virtual hangout for most internet users, and social networking is fast becoming an everyday activity. Social integration gives you an opportunity to seamlessly connect and retarget your visitors on their favorite social channels.

  • Linking your website to your social media networks gives your customers the opportunity to share your page content on their own social media. Futhermore, increasing your brand visibility.
  • Facebook offers a Social addon where customers can see friends and others who have also liked the page and a “Like Us” button instantly adding your website to the customers Facebook.
  • Twitter offers a “Follow Us” button with the same logic. You can also add your Twitter Feed to your website, so customers can quickly see your most recent Tweets.
  • There are third-party services like AddThis that allow you to integrate multiple social sites with your website easily.
  • Adding icons that allow visitors to follow your business on your social assets is a simple way to build followers and social likes.

e-Commerce website

When you offer products and services that can be purchased online, these additional features will help improve the customer experience and maximize e-commerce revenue.

  • Currency Converter – Your customers, could be from all over the world; a currency converter makes it easier for them to know their total in their own currency.
  • Discount Codes – Making sales and promotions stand out.
  • Gift Wrapping Option – This can be free or for an additional charge.
  • Save Account Details – Customers will have the option to save their account and purchase history; making future purchases easier.
  • ‘Help Me’ Function – Makes shopping for related items easier.
  • ‘You May Also Like’ Function – Provides customers with suggested items similar to what they have purchased.
  • ‘Wish List’ Function – Customers can save products they wish to buy in the future.
  • “Notify Me” feature – When a product is temporarily out of stock, this feature allows visitors to opt-in to be notified when it becomes available. This can help you retain and regain the customers who left your site because the product was not available, and can also give you their contact info for nurturing through your email marketing programs.
  • 3D Product View – Gives customers the ability to see the full product.
  • Reviews and Ratings – Not only does this allow customers to engage with your content and express their views, but it also can add relevant, unique content to your page. Search engines value reviews and ratings, so this can also help with your SEO.
  • Mobile Apps: Today, more people are accessing the internet and shopping on mobile devices than on computers. Having a mobile app designed compatible with Apple App Store, Android Play Store and Amazon can help you better reach the mobile shoppers. Shopping through mobile apps has become a standard practice and not having an app for the popular platforms can cause a negative perception of your shopping site.

Interactive website

When customers are interacting with your site, it keeps them engaged longer. Their interaction also gives you the chance to engage with your customers and improve their user experience.

  • Commenting – In addition to the discussion forum, allowing for commenting on articles and blogs lets visitors express their opinions or ideas. You can take this opportunity and engage with your visitors creating user-generated
  • Most Recent Posts – Displaying a clickable list of your most recent blog posts on the main website makes it easy for visitors to navigate.
  • Google Map – If you have a physical location, displaying an interactive Google map lets your visitors see precisely where you are, the distance in between, and how long it will take to get there.
  • Related Articles – Displaying related articles at the end of your blog posts keeps your reader on the page longer and engaging. They can stay on topic without having to search through all your blog posts.
  • RSS Feed – Using an RSS feed allows millions of internet users access to your website content. RSS feeds also allows for easy sharing and email subscriptions.
  • Social Bookmarking – Promotes your website while generating relevant traffic to your site. Social bookmarking also allows visitors to organize and share their favorite content.
  • Feedback Forms – Allows visitors to leave feedback on their experience with your services and your website.
  • File Sharing – Integrating services like DropBox, OneDrive, and iCloud Drive can allow your customers to send, share or store files. Depending on your business, this can be a useful feature.

Adding features to your site that save your customers time can lead to more sales. Similarly, adding management and admin features can lower your overall costs. Additional features are a win-win for not only your customers and clients but you as well.

Flying Cow Design and its team of web developers can add additional features for you. We can also develop custom features that your site may need to maximize its business potential. The team’s expertise will not only help you choose what features are best for your site but will also save you precious time.

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