Website Payments

Website Payments

website-payments-300x225 Website PaymentsBuild a Checkout Process for Easy Website Payments

For some website owners, it’s not a challenge to get people to come to their website. To them, that’s the easy part. The challenge actually begins when it’s time to check out a product. Getting online shoppers to go through the checkout process shouldn’t have to be like a never ending maze. One way to help avoid checkout problems is to have a single page website payment. This will not only reduce shopping cart abandonment, it will also allow for faster checkout. This is what every business owner should have – an efficient payment system. When your checkout process is complicated, it gives people too much time to change their mind about making a purchase. You will want to make this process as fast and efficient as possible.

Getting a single page website payment designed is easier than you think. Many Web Design Companies like Flying Cow Design specialize in developing customized single payment web pages. So, instead of a client leaving the site to make a payment, they remain on the website. All they have to do is enter in their payment details and submit the payment.

Many web design companies use the PayPal system to set up the payment pages. A single page payment website offers a variety of features such as:

  • Billing address
  • Coupon code section
  • Payment options
  • Payment details
  • Shipping options
  • Shipping address
  • Order confirmation
  • Order details

The good thing about hiring a professional web developer is that he or she can have the payment options customized according to your business needs.

Faster & More Efficient Checkout Process

Remember the last time you had to stand in a long line? There’s nothing more frustrating than standing in a line behind twenty people at the checkout with a slow cashier. Finally, when it’s time to pay for your order, that’s when the cashier’s register suddenly breaks down. There go another thirty minutes. Most people will stick it out and wait in the long line. It beats going to another store. However, when you own an ecommerce store, your shoppers will not have patience. They will pick up and leave with one click.

When a website has too many steps to place an order, this frustrates the shopper. Today’s online shopper doesn’t have the time to go through various stages just to buy a product.

According to experts, businesses that have a traditional (or complicated) checkout process have experienced up to 60 percent shopping cart abandonment. That’s a very high percentage.

If you want to avoid losing sales because of an unreliable checkout system, then it’s time to up the ante and invest in a more efficient solution. Thankfully, with a single page website, you can avoid problems. When you provide your customers with a good web experience and a good product, they are more likely to spread the news and return to your website. That means more sales and more profit.

A checkout page is considered one of the most important parts of a business. It is actually the very last step in the order process. It determines whether a customer is going to make a sale or abandoned their items. You will find that traditional checkout systems have too many steps to finalize a sale.

A good checkout process enhances the shopper’s experience. As a result, you receive more conversions and increased revenue.

Finding the Right Web Developer

Finding a professional web development company who specializes in checkout process design is the first step to online success. Hiring a good web developer will not only enhance the appearance of your online presence, it will also increase your return on investment.

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