Website Donations

Website Donations

website-donations-300x163 Website DonationsYou could be a small non-profit organization or local charity that depends on donations to fund your services,


You could be having a one off charity fund raiser to aid a group that needs your support. Whatever the reason, why not consider an online web based donation page?

Having an online donations page on your site can be very beneficial:

  1. It never sleeps even when you do.
  2. Saves time by not having you tied up on the phone writing down payment information.
  3. Is quick and efficient for the donor (and you).
  4. Can validate payments in real time.
  5. Email receipts can be automatically sent to each donor on successful donations.
  6. You will have immediate access to funds on cleared payments.

Once you decide to accept donations online, how do you go about it?
There are basically two options to choose from:

  1. Create your own custom website donations page
    • You can integrate it very easily into an existing website.
    • You can add any additional items of information to a custom online donations form.
    • You can build your own database of donors.
    • You can control and change the online donations form and its processing as you want.
    • You can switch payment processors at any time.
  2. Use a third party online service.
    • Easy to setup.
    • May involve additional costs that take a %-age out of each donation.
    • You have less ability to change the donations screen as you don’t ‘own the code’.
    • You do not have to update and maintain the code as it is a third party service.

Whichever way you want to go, Flying Cow Design can discuss the options with you, help you decide what may be best for you and make it happen.

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