Shopping Cart Integration

Shopping Cart Integration

shopping-cart-integration-300x200 Shopping Cart IntegrationFor an ecommerce website, the functionality must meet the demands of your online customers. According to surveys done by marketing experts, consumers want a fast, stress-free and efficient online shopping experience. If you want to grow your business, you must be able to provide your customers that level of service. The shopping cart design is an integral part of this experience.

Professional Shopping Cart Design

If your website’s shopping cart design and functionalities aren’t up-to-date, it is important to seek the assistance of a shopping cart design firm that’s proficient in shopping cart design.

Although there are a lot of do-it-yourself shopping cart solutions available on the internet, not every solution is considered dependable. A skilled web developer or programmer can provide you with a customized shopping cart design that will accentuate your online business.

Benefits of Good Shopping Cart Design

Here are a few benefits of having a good shopping cart integrated on your website:

1) Open for Business 24/7

– The obvious advantage of adding a shopping cart solution to your website is that your customers will have access to your online store days, nights, weekends and even holidays. So, if a customer decides to visit your online store at 4:00 am, they’ll have access to your products.

2) Credit Card Processing

– A good shopping cart design will allow you to provide your customers with the option of making credit card purchases with your credit card processor or your merchant account (for ex. PayPal).

3) Secure Digital Downloads

– Having a shopping cart subscription installed on your website provides the needed disk space and security when selling your digital product downloads.

4) Affiliate Programs

– You can offer one-tier or two-tier affiliate programs and even use your own accounting software in order to automate your commission payments.

5) Manage Products

– Give online shoppers discounts, coupons, create special offers, and perform shipping and sales tax calculations. You can customize your shopper’s buying experience by including the product name, invoice number and ID number. When their purchase is complete or cancelled, you can designate a destination web address.

6) Ad Trackers

– Keep track of your online marketing results and measure how many products you have sold. View how many subscription sign ups you had from the previous month and keep track of unique clicks.

7) Secured Shopping

– Everyone is concerned about their security when shopping online these days. Shopping cart integration will provide your online shoppers with a safe and secure way of shopping on your website.

8) Add Company Logo

– Customize your payment pages and use your own background and company logo to integrate the shopping cart design with your website’s color scheme.

9) Customer Service

– If something goes wrong, you have access to customer support. Depending on the shopping cart solution you choose, you’ll also have access to online tutorials to help your business run smoothly.

In addition to the above benefits, adding shopping cart design with the latest technology to your website will allow your customers to save their purchases and return to their shopping later. They can also decrease or increase the amount of items they want to check out. Buyers can remove items without losing their entire order. They can also keep track of the items they purchase.

Where to Find a Good Shopping Cart Design Services?

Finding a web developer to integrate a good shopping cart design into your website is easier than ever before. If you want your shopping cart integrated into your website the proper way, you should hire a web developer or programmer who is proficient in shopping cart development. Professional web design companies like Flying Cow Design provide shopping cart design and development to their clients on a daily basis. Having a reliable shopping cart installed on your website, will not only streamline the buying process for your customers, it will also increase your sales and profits.

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