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Shopping Cart Integration

Over two decades in online store and e-commerce website design

shopping-cart-integration-300x200 Shopping Cart IntegrationFor an e-commerce business website, a fast and efficient shopping cart that meets the demands of your visitors can be the difference between winning and losing customers. In an increasingly mobile world, consumers want fast, stress-free, and efficient online shopping experiences. The e-commerce shopping cart design is an integral part of this experience. If you want to grow your business, you must be able to provide your customers a level of service that delights them.

Professional e-Commerce Shopping Cart Design

Flying Cow Design web development team specializes in custom shopping cart integration and design. All shopping cart software has APIs which enable you to integrate it smoothly with your website. Your online customers expect a fast and easy shopping experience. Your choice of payment gateway is what determines this.

5 Benefits of Professional Shopping Cart Design

Truly open for business 24/7

24-7 Shopping Cart IntegrationThe obvious advantage of shopping cart integration with your website is that your customers will have access to your e-commerce store days, nights, weekends, and even holidays. For example, if a customer decides to visit your online store at 4:00 am, they will have access to your products. However, the quality of the e-commerce software powering your store can make a huge difference. Whether it is up time or speed, a high-quality e-commerce solution can dramatically improve the business your website generates

Flexible product management

product-management Shopping Cart IntegrationWhether it is discounts, coupons, ability to create special offers, perform shipping and sales tax calculations, adding, removing and modifying products – there are so many aspects of running an online shopping business that can be a pain and a drain on resources without a quality solution.

Credit card processing options

card-processing-options Shopping Cart IntegrationA well-integrated e-commerce shopping cart provides customers with multiple payment options. The credit card processor or merchant account linked with your payment gateway makes streamlining payments more effective. How many types of payment options provided and how many currencies and geographies are supported,  can make a huge impact in the success of your e-commerce website.

Seamless shopping experience

seamless-experience Shopping Cart IntegrationThe e-commerce platform and shopping cart integration on many sites require visitors to leave the site to complete the transaction on a third-party payment gateway. This is not a good user experience. Professional payment gateway integration ensures that the entire shopping experience happens seamlessly on your e-commerce site without requiring your visitors to go somewhere else to complete placing their order.


security-features Shopping Cart IntegrationWhile there are regulations on the security measures required for any shopping cart software, there are levels of security, encryption and data protection that differentiate the high-quality solutions from the rest. It is only when a security breach occurs that the value of a highly secure solution is truly appreciated.

Features that are not standard

non-standard-features Shopping Cart IntegrationWhile the primary function of an e-commerce solution is to facilitate online transactions, not all solutions are the same. Beyond a basic online shopping cart, partnering with a professional e-commerce web service provider can get you a host of non-standard features including:

  • Search engine optimization and social integration to get your website visibility when your target audience is searching for your products and services
  • Integration with your CRM and sales processing software for seamless tracking
  • Integration with many accounting solutions to improve cross-departmental operation efficiency
  • Integration with your marketing automation software for better tracking and attribution
  • Affiliate program management, life cycle email integration, drip campaign integration and more.

Customer service

customer-service Shopping Cart IntegrationOne aspect of working with a professional team that’s often appreciated only after a bad experience is the quality of customer service. At Flying Cow Design, our goal is not just to give you high-quality service, but also to minimize the need for customer support and ensure customer delight. It is this pride in customer service that has helped us forge lasting relationships with our clients.

Work with professionals in shopping cart design and integration.

Finding a web developer to integrate a good shopping cart design into your website is easier than ever before. Flying Cow Design web developers will ensure your shopping cart integration is done properly. Our team of programmers is proficient in shopping cart integration and development. Having a reliable shopping cart installed on your website, will not only streamline the buying process for your customers, it will also increase your sales and profits.

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